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Adolph Lomb Medal

Adolph Lomb Medal

Presented to a person who has made a noteworthy contribution to optics at an early career stage. Contributions from any area of optics, fundamental or applied, are considered.

Candidates must be within ten (10) years of the completion of their highest degree earned in the year the medal is presented, excluding career breaks (e.g., eldercare, maternity or paternity leave, adoption).

The award was established in 1940 to honor Adolph Lomb, OSA’s first treasurer, for his devotion to OSA and the advancement of optics.


2021 - Laura Waller [Citation]

For important contributions to the advancement of computational microscopy and its applications

2020 - Chaoyang Lu [Citation]

For significant contributions to optical quantum information technologies, especially on high-performance single-photon sources, quantum teleportation and optical quantum computing

2019 - Na Liu [Citation]

For seminal contributions to nano-optics, three-dimensional optical metamaterials, as well as interdisciplinary scientific work regarding the development of DNA nanotechnology-based dynamic plasmonics

2018 - Andrei Faraon [Citation]

For seminal contributions to on-chip quantum photonic technologies

2017 - Dirk Robert Englund [Citation]

For pioneering contributions to scalable solid-state quantum memories in nitrogen-vacancy diamond, high-dimensional quantum key distribution, and photonic integrated circuits for quantum communication and computation

2016 - Jennifer Dionne [Citation]

For revealing nanoscopic optical phenomena in metal optics

2015 - Jeremy N Munday [Citation]

For pioneering contributions to plasmonic and photonic light-trapping in solar cells

2014 - Alexander Szameit [Citation]

For groundbreaking contributions to linear and nonlinear light evolution in photonic lattices, and photonic simulations of quantum, solid state, and relativistic phenomena

2013 - Andrea Alu [Citation]

For outstanding contributions to the fields of optical metamaterials and plasmonic optics, and for development of the concept of plasmonic cloaking

2012 - Hatice Altug [Citation]

For breakthrough contributions on integrated optical nano-biosensor and nanospectroscopy technologies based on nanoplasmonics, nanofluidics, and novel nanofabrication

2011 - Elizabeth M C Hillman [Citation]

For pioneering developments in biomedical optics, including laminar optical tomography and dynamic contrast enhanced molecular imaging

2010 - Jeremy L O'Brien [Citation]

For seminal contributions to quantum optics, optical quantum metrology and quantum information through the foundation of the field of integrated quantum photonics

2009 - Rebekah A Drezek [Citation]

For innovative research combining biophotonics, nanotechnology, and biomedical engineering to produce optical molecular-imaging technologies that are changing the way physicians screen, detect, treat, and monitor cancer in vivo

2008 - Lawrence Cary Gunn [Citation]

For pioneering work in the development and commercialization of silicon photonics

2007 - Shanhui Fan [Citation]

For his fundamental work in nano-photonic structures

2006 - John Charles Howell [Citation]

For innovative contributions in quantum optics, particularly to aspects of quantum cloning, violations of Bell's inequalities and maximal photonic entanglement

2005 - Marin Soljacic [Citation]

For the discovery of novel soliton phenomena, and for seminal and innovative work in nonlinear and time dependent photonic crystals

2004 - Randy A Bartels [Citation]

For pioneering contributions to the coherent control of light, atoms, and molecules, including the shaped-pulse optimization of high order harmonic soft x-ray radiation

2003 - Alexei Vladimirovich Sokolov [Citation]

For contributions to the prediction and demonstration of single-cycle optical pulse generation by molecular modulation

2002 - Susana Marcos [Citation]

For her contributions to our knowledge of the optics of the eye and the interactions of light with the retina

2001 - Barbara A Paldus [Citation]

For developments making the new absorption technique of cavity ringdown spectroscopy an ultrasensitive absolute method for trace analysis of gas-phase species

2000 - Mikhail Lukin [Citation]

For his contributions to theoretical developments and realization of atomic coherence effects in optics, including lasers without inversion, resonant enhancement of refractive index and nonlinear processes and spectroscopy of coherent media

1999 - Jun Ye [Citation]

In recognition of his pioneering achievements and technical leadership in the areas of ultra-high sensitivity laser spectroscopy, frequency metrology and quantum optics

1998 - Benjamin J Eggleton [Citation]

For the first observations of nonlinear optical-pulse propagation in photonic bandgap materials, including solitons and modulational instabilities in fiber Bragg gratings as well as optical switching in long-period fiber gratings

1997 - Ekmel Ozbay [Citation]

For the development and application of innovative fabrication techniques for photonic bandgap structures, leading to the creation of the smallest photonic crystals with electromagnetic bandgaps at the highest achieved frequency bands

1996 - Frederick A Kish, Jr. [Citation]

For pioneering work in solving the problem of replacing the absorbing substrate of red-orange-yellow-green (ROYG) In(AlGa)P light emitting diodes (LEDs) by wafer bonding and introducing a new high volume family of ultra high brightness ROYG LEDs exceeding in performance (lumens per watt) conventional sources such as the incandescent and halogen lamp

1995 - Turan Erdogan [Citation]

For application of electron-beam lithography to fabrication of circular diffraction gratings and demonstration of a surface-emitting semiconductor laser based on these gratings

1994 - Robert William Schoenlein [Citation]

For development of elegant femtosecond spectroscopic methods and their application to fundamental studies of metals, semiconductors and molecules

1993 - Henry C Kapteyn [Citation]

For his work in ultrashort pulse production, particularly the demonstration of the photon-pumped XUV laser and the production of ultrashort, x-ray pulses from femtosecond laser produced plasmas

1992 - Mohammed N Islam [Citation]

For his pioneering contributions to nonlinear optical phenomena and all-optical switching in optical fibers

1991 - David F Welch [Citation]

For his research and commercialization of high power semiconductor laser diode arrays and coherent single mode diode lasers

1990 - Andrew M Weiner [Citation]

For pioneering contributions to the technique of femtosecond optical pulse shaping and its application to nonlinear optics, ultrafast, spectroscopy, and optical communications

1988 - Janis A Valdmanis [Citation]

For the demonstration of electrical waveform analysis by means of the electro-optic effect in conjunction with short optical pulses

1986 - David A. B. Miller [Citation]

For pioneering contributions to our understanding of nonlinear optical effects in semiconductors

1984 - Edward H Adelson [Citation]

For his contributions to understanding in three different areas of physiological and visual optics, namely: temporal responses of the human visual system, color vision, and artificial vision

1982 - Won-Tien Tsang [Citation]

In recognition of his contributions to the development of molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) lasers for optical communication systems and novel structures for semiconductor lasers, including the strip-buried-heterostructure (SBH) lasers, electrically injected multiquantum-well lasers, and SBH lasers with distributed Bragg reflectors suitable for integrated optics application

1980 - David M Bloom [Citation]

For his contributions to the use of nonlinear optical processes to achieve real-time conjugate-wavefront generation and image reconstruction

1978 - Eli Yablonovitch [Citation]

For his pioneering contributions to laser physics and technology, including the understanding of the optical breakdown strength in laser window materials, the development of ultrashort CO2 laser pulses, and the identification of laser plasma heating processes

1976 - Marc D Levenson [Citation]

For his contributions to laser spectroscopy, especially development of the techniques of three-wave mixing and two-photon absorption without Doppler broadening

1974 - James M Forsyth [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to the field of optics at an early career stage

1972 - Robert L Byer [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to the field of optics at an early career stage

1970 - Marlan O Scully [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to the field of optics at an early career stage

1968 - Douglas C Sinclair [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to the field of optics at an early career stage

1966 - Chandra Kumar N Patel [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to the field of optics at an early career stage

1964 - Gordon H Spencer [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to the field of optics at an early career stage

1962 - Jean-Pierre Barrat [Citation]

For his work on the multiple coherent diffusion of photons.

1960 - Ian M Mills [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to the field of optics at an early career stage

1958 - Edward L O'Neill [Citation]

for outstanding achievement in optics

1956 - W.R. J Brown [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to optics

1954 - William M Sinton [Citation]

for his contributions in the far infrared and first measurement of the sun’s rays at 1500μ; applications of apodizing; construction and use of a stellar interferometer with achromatized fringes; a method of using a grating twice to obtain double resolving power from it; and, more recently, observations on the temperature and infrared spectrum of the planets

1952 - Aden B Meinel [Citation]

For his work on the spectrum of the aurora and of the night sky

1950 - H. Richard Blackwell [Citation]

For supplying a quantitative basis for the visibility of objects and lights

1948 - David S Grey [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to the field of optics at an early career stage

1946 - Wayne C Norton [Citation]

for noteworthy contributions to the field of optics at an early career stage

1944 - R. Clark Jones [Citation]

For his published work entitled "A New Calculus for the Treatment of Optical Systems"

1942 - James G Baker [Citation]

for the development of new methods for designing lenses for astronomy

1940 - David L MacAdam [Citation]

for his noteworthy contributions to optics

Laura Waller