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We Are OSA

We Are OSA

We Are OSA is a new series of inspirational stories and timely perspectives from scientists and engineers improving our world. This curated collection of podcasts and blog posts highlights the innovation, integrity, inclusivity and impact of our community worldwide.


Pioneering Publishing

3 March 2021

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Publications | Optics Express

Editorial: Optics Express — Now How Did That Happen?

Opt. Express 25, 9471-9475 (2017)

Founding Editor-in-Chief Joseph Eberly tells how Optics Express was conceived as an entirely new kind of journal and the significant effort required to launch the first issue.

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New Conference Paper and Video Interface Launched

18 February 2021

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OPN Produces Innovative Infographics

A number of these pieces have been selected and won awards for design and content.

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Patricia Wakeling, the highly skilled first managing editor of Applied Optics

Applied Optics and the Early Days of the Laser

John Howard, May 2011

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OPN | History

Optics Letters: OSA Gets the Word Out on Optics—Fast

John Howard, October 2005

By the mid-1970s, the Optical Society had entered a relatively stable period: The Journal of the Optical Society of America (JOSA) was running about 1,700 pages per year and slowly growing, and Applied Optics (AO)...

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Intro to Biomedical Optics Express

02 August 2010

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Tackling Covid-19 with Light

9 February 2021

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Report: UV-C LED Market Set to Surge

22 October 2020

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Publications | Applied Optics

Construction and validation of UV-C decontamination cabinets for filtering facepiece respirators

Appl. Opt. 59, 7585-7595 (2020)

We present evidence-based design principles for three different UV-C based decontamination systems for N95 filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) within the context of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak of 2019–2020.

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Publications | Applied Optics

Modeling UV-C irradiation chambers for mask decontamination using Zemax OpticStudio

Appl. Opt. 59, 7596-7605 (2020)

Ultraviolet decontamination of personal protective equipment, particularly masks, is important in situations where mask reuse is practiced.

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Video | OSA Stories

Takako Hirokawa thanks her mentors

23 July 2020

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Past Webinar | We Are On

How to Avoid Burnout and Find Balance in Your Career

19 January 2021

As academics, we are very passionate about our work. Our research becomes our lifestyle...

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Past Webinar | We Are On

Key Elements in Mentor Training

25 January 2021

Mentoring is evolving beyond the usual mentor-mentee dialogue. To fully benefit from this powerful practice, it is key to go back to mentoring fundamentals and then update strategically the practice for 21st century needs.

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Past Webinar | We Are On

Key Elements in Mentee Training

1 February 2021

Drawing wisdom from a mentor’s experience....

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