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Jarus W. Quinn Building


​As a way to honor his numerous contributions to The Optical Society and the optics and photonics community, OSA named the headquarters building in Washington, DC, USA for Dr. Jarus W. Quinn.

2010 Massachusetts Avenue is not merely an office building, but it is the symbolic home of all of OSA's worldwide optics and photonics community. Similarly, Jarus was not merely an OSA staff leader, but he truly embodied our entire community during 25 years of flourishing growth. Under Jarus’s inspirational leadership and personal efforts, OSA bought the building as an investment in OSA’s future. During our Centennial year, we can all pay grateful tribute to Jarus’ memory for his vision and passion to secure a headquarters building that will continue to serve the Society’s needs for years to come.”
Alan E. Willner, 2016 Past President of The Optical Society
For 25 years, Jarus devoted himself to expanding OSA’s influence as a global professional society. His guidance was of fundamental importance to the growth and continued success of the OSA.
Elizabeth Rogan, CEO of The Optical Society.