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OSA In The News - 2019

Welcome to the OSA in the News page. This page features select media coverage of OSA, the OSA Foundation, OSA members, and research published in OSA journals.


March 2019 

Fingertip Elasticity Probe Helps Spot Breast Tumors 
Medgadget – 21 March 2019

Researchers use algorithm from Netflix challenge to speed up biological imaging 
DOTMed News – 15 March 2019

OSA Responds to Gender Inequities in Major Conferences 
UnDark Magazine – 13 March 2019


February 2019

OIDA Executive Forum at OFC to cover 400G and quantum communications
Laser Focus – 20 February 2019

Thermally- painted metasurfaces yield perfect light absorbers for high-tech applications
ScienceDaily - 20 February 2019

OSA Open Letter on US government shutdown
Laser Focus – 14 February 2019

OSA, Coherent Have Created the Couillaud Ultrafast Photonics Award
Photonics Media – 8 February 2019

Promising approach for analyzing atmospheric particles from space
ScienceDaily – 7 February 2019


January 2019

Environmentally Stable Laser Emits Exceptionally Pure Light
Associated Press – 31 January 2019

 Optical Microscopy System Simultaneously Observes and Stimulates Multiple Living Cells in 3D
Photonics Media – 30 January 2019

Technological Breakthroughs in Data Center Connectivity, 5G and IoT, Next-Generation Optical Access and Open Networking Innovation Drive OFC2019
Associated Press – 30 January  2019

Optical Microscopy System Simultaneously Observes and Stimulates Multiple Living Cells in 3D
Photonics Media- 30 January 2019

Scientists build laser that can send sounds only you hear
The Daily Dot – 28 January 2019

OIDA Workshop on Manufacturing and Building the Supply Chair for Integrated Photonics
Associated Press – 15 January 2019

The Optical Society Announces the 2019 OIDA Executive Forum
MorningStar – 15 January 2019

Tunable, Nonlinear Metamaterials Could Facilitate Optical Communication
Photonics Media – 4 January 2019

National Quantum Initiative Signed into Law
American Institute of Physics – 4 January 2019