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24 March 2021

Menlo Systems opens subsidiary in Japan

Menlo Systems

Dr. Megumi Hashiguchi

Menlo Systems, the Germany-based pioneer and leading manufacturer of the optical frequency comb technology, announces the opening of its Japanese subsidiary メンローシステムズ株式会社 Menlo Systems K.K. in Hamamatsu.

“The local presence is a statement of Menlo Systems’ strong commitment to its customers and partners. We are excited to develop the Japanese market with the support of our strategic partner Hamamatsu Photonics,” says Dr. Ida Z. Kozma, the parent company’s vice president of sales and marketing and representative director of Menlo Systems K.K.

By offering sales and service support directly from the new local office, Menlo Systems reacts to the growing deman d and importance of the Japanese high-tech industry and photonics community, and specifically to the emerging commercialization of the quantum technologies as ongoing on the global scale.

Besides its main product line of the optical frequency combs, Menlo Systems provides ultra-stable lasers, terahertz systems, and femtosecond lasers. Dr. Megumi Hashiguchi, in charge of business development in Japan, is the primary contact person. Contact and

About Menlo Systems:

Precision in Photonics. Together we shape light.

Menlo Systems GmbH is a leading developer and global supplier of instrumentation for high-precision metrology. The company with headquarters in Martinsried near Munich is known for its Nobel Prize winning optical frequency comb technology. With subsidiaries in the US and China and a global distributor network, Menlo Systems is closely connected to its customers from science and industry. The main product lines are optical frequency combs, time and frequency distribution, terahertz systems, ultrafast and ultrastable lasers, and corresponding control electronics. Besides standard production, Menlo Systems develops and manufactures custom made solutions for laser-based precision measurements.

Media Contact

Menlo Systems K.K.

12-5, Chuo Godo Building,

Naka-ku, Chuo 2-Chome,

Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan