Gallieno Denardo

In Memoriam: Gallieno Denardo

July 23, 2007

OSA mourns the passing of Gallieno Denardo

Gallieno DeandroWith great sadness, we share the news of the sudden passing of Gallieno Denardo. We've lost a friend of the OSA and the optics community. Denardo was the coordinator of the optics and laser programs at Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and professor of theoretical physics at the University of Trieste, Italy. Denardo had been with the ICTP since its start, serving as the long-time head of the Office of External Activities and consultant of the office. He was instrumental in establishing and running all ICTP activities on optics, including the laboratory, the schools and workshops, and the ICO/ICTP Award.

Denardo led the ICTP Winter College, which OSA co-sponsors and many of our members from around the world attend. He was a long time friend and OSA supporter and we join the science community in mourning his loss. If you would like to share some personal remembrances, please send them to Bernadette Martinucci (

Additional condolences and tributes are posted on the ICTP website.

Tributes to Gallieno Denardo

It is indeed a sad day. Gallieno was full of life, caring, and positive energy, in particular, for finding ways in helping young optical scientists from the developing world. I was privileged to spend some time with Gallieno on the occasion of my former student's 2005 ICTP/ICO Prize ceremony in Trieste. Abdus Salam would be proud of Gallieno for his vital contributions to the ICTP vision.
Nabeel Riza


This is truly a sad occasion for me. I have known Gallieno for nearly 20 years -- having first met at ICTP in 1989. I have found him to be one of the warmest and caring individuals that I have ever met and we fast became friends.  The ICTP outreach programs have lost a tireless friend, mentor and benevolent instigator in Gallieno -- I can't image who could fill his very large shoes!
Anthony M. Johnson
2002 OSA President


He will be missed by many in the optics community.  
Tony DeMaria
1981 OSA President


Trieste has lost one of its most decent citizens and ICTP has lost, forever, one of its most loyal friends. For me personally, he was a trusted colleague on whose deep knowledge and experience I had grown to depend.
Katepalli R. Sreenivasan


Professor Denardo was my coordinator for my STEP fellowship during 2003-2006.
I am so grateful that he helped me a lot from the beginnig of the fellowship and even afterwards in order to get as much as advantageous visits and also supported me to attend the ICTP optics winter colleges for 3 times.
3-4 times happened that he called me "my old  young friend", now when i remember the style of him when he called so, I feel a great missing.
We missed a great friend of our world forever, in my opinion.

Alireza Moradi


As a member of the OSA and an Editorial Advisory Committee member of the OPN, I feel great sadness to hear this sad news. Professor Denardo has ever made great contributions to the ICTP and our optics community. His sudden passing is a great loss for us. With this email, I'd like to express my personal condolence on his passing, and to join the science community in mourning his loss.
Changsheng Li