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New Device Could Help Answer Fundamental Questions about Quantum Physics

Researchers have developed a new device that can measure and control a nanoparticle trapped in a laser beam with unprecedented sensitivity. The new technology could help scientists study a macroscopic particle’s motion with subatomic resolution, a scale governed by the rules of quantum mechanics rather than classical physics.

Added: 13 Dec 2018

Distinguished Members of The Optical Society Named 2018 Fellows of The National Academy of Inventor

Eleven Fellows of The Optical Society (OSA) will join the ranks of the National Academy of Inventors, a professional distinction accorded to academic inventors whose inventions have made a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development and the welfare of society.

Added: 13 Dec 2018

Better Biomedical Devices, Wearable Displays May Result From Tiny Light-Guiding Structures

For the first time, researchers have fabricated light-guiding structures known as waveguides just over one micron wide in a clear silicone commonly used for biomedical applications. The tiny, flexible waveguides can be used to make light-based devices such as biomedical sensors and endoscopes that are smaller and more complex than currently possible.

Added: 11 Dec 2018

New Graphene-based Sensor Design Could Improve Food Safety

In the U.S., more than 100 food recalls were issued in 2017 because of contamination from harmful bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella or E. coli. A new sensor design could one day make it easier to detect pathogens in food before products hit the supermarket shelves, thus preventing sometimes-deadly illnesses from contaminated food.

Added: 04 Dec 2018

Faster 3-D Imaging Could Aid Diagnosis of Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal Disease

Researchers have developed a faster way to acquire 3-D endoscopic optical coherence tomography (OCT) images.

Added: 03 Dec 2018

New Methods Could Improve, Expand 3D Imaging Using X-Rays

Researchers report two new approaches to producing three-dimensional (3D) images using X-rays that could improve disease-screening, study of very fast processes and enable analysis of the properties of materials and structural information of opaque objects with unprecedented detail.

Added: 29 Nov 2018

Peter Knight Named Recipient of the 2019 Herbert Walther Award

The Optical Society (OSA) and the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) have named OSA Past President Peter Knight the 2019 recipient of the Herbert Walther Award.

Added: 22 Nov 2018

A Smartphone and New Software Could Help Save Infants Born Preterm

A new algorithm combined with a handheld, smartphone-based device could aid health care workers in remote locations to estimate degrees of prematurity for affected infants. Such information can be critical for administering life-saving treatments.

Added: 20 Nov 2018

The Optical Society Welcomes Suzanne Ffolkes as New Chief Communications Officer

The Optical Society (OSA) today announced an expansion of its executive team with the hiring of Suzanne Ffolkes as the Society’s new Chief Communications Officer.

Added: 16 Nov 2018

The Optical Society Welcomes Ryan Strowger as New Chief Events and Industry Officer

The Optical Society (OSA) today announced the hiring of Ryan Strowger as Chief Events and Industry Officer.

Added: 16 Nov 2018

The OSA Foundation, Coherent Inc., Announce The Bernard J. Couillaud Prize

The Optical Society Foundation (OSAF) and Coherent, Inc. have created the Bernard J. Couillaud Prize, a merit-based award to support early-career OSA members who are engaged in ultrafast photonics research and application development.

Added: 15 Nov 2018

Tuskegee U. to host Alabama Academy of Science meeting, Nobel speaker sponsored by OSA Foundation

From Feb. 20-22, 2019, Tuskegee University will host the 96th Annual Meeting of the Alabama Academy of Science — one of the state’s largest gatherings of scientists, researchers, teachers and students across all disciplines.

Added: 09 Nov 2018