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21 February 2019

The Optical Society Names the 2019 Joseph Fraunhofer Award/Robert M. Burley Prize Recipient

Juergen Czarske of TU, Dresden, Germany, honored for seminal contributions to optical engineering

WASHINGTON—The Optical Society (OSA) is pleased to name Juergen Czarske, TU Dresden, Germany, the recipient of the 2019 Joseph Fraunhofer Award/Robert M. Burley Prize. Czarske is honored for seminal contributions to the field of digital interferometric and holographic sensors and their commercial applications.


“Juergen Czarske’s achievements in optical engineering have led to significant innovation across several fields, including important biomedical applications,” said 2019 OSA President Ursula Gibson. “The Fraunhofer Award/Burley Prize is appropriate recognition for his path-breaking scientific contributions.”

 Czarske is Director and C4-Professor at TU Dresden. A Fellow of OSA, EOS, SPIE, an elected member of Saxon Academy of Sciences and Scientific Society for Laser Technology, Czarske has received the Berthold Leibinger Innovation Prize, the Reinhart Koselleck Project of German Research Foundation, the Measurement Technique Award of AHMT, and many other honors. He has published about 200 journal articles, has over 20 patents and has delivered over 100 invited lectures.

His research interests include coherent system engineering, unconventional optical imaging with deformable mirrors, wavefront shaping for viewing through scattering media such as the skull of mice, optogenetics with human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural networks, and non-intrusive precision measurements. Paradigm shifts were shown for digital interferometry better than the diffraction limit and digital holography in biophotonics, for example, in lens-less fiber endoscopy. The results have been translated into energy and process engineering, photonic information and biomedicine.

First presented in 1982, the Joseph Fraunhofer Award recognizes significant research accomplishments in the field of optical engineering. The prize was added in 1992 in memory of Robert M. Burley, who exemplified many of the highest attributes of the optical engineer and was the first recipient of the award. The award and prize are endowed by the Baird Corporation, the Burley Family and Prof. Shin-Tson Wu.

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