2 January 2019


Statement from The Optical Society on the Partial Shutdown of the U.S. Federal Government

Society emphasizes urgency to resolve the crisis, support for OSA members

The Optical Society (OSA) urges U.S. government leaders to end the partial U.S. government shutdown that is negatively affecting many federal science agencies, scientists who work at those agencies, as well as the global science community at large. Each additional day of the shutdown, as it now stretches into the New Year, damages vital research efforts in the U.S. and around the world. U.S. federal science agencies fund the work of their staff scientists, allocate grant money to researchers in academia and other nongovernmental institutions, and operate research facilities that are among the most advanced worldwide.

The Society stands ready to assist its members who are affected by the partial shutdown. “We are aware of the personal and professional hardships OSA members and other scientists have experienced as a result of the U.S. federal government’s partial shutdown, and want members to know that the Society is working alongside other scientific societies to urge policymakers to reopen shuttered government agencies as soon as possible,” says Elizabeth A. Rogan, CEO of The Optical Society.

The work of OSA members fuels basic and applied scientific research that impacts individuals and organizations worldwide. From satellites that speed global communications and explore the outer reaches of our solar system to the properties of light and materials operating at the quantum scale, research in optics and photonics has become synonymous with human progress. The work of U.S. federal science agencies is a critical part of these endeavors and the OSA looks forward to a resolution among government officials that will allow that work to continue. 

About The Optical Society
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