The Optical Society Launches Biomedical Optics Express Community Website


Lyndsay Meyer
The Optical Society

The Optical Society Launches Biomedical Optics Express Community Website

WASHINGTON, April 4—The Optical Society (OSA) today announced the launch of the new Biomedical Optics Express community website.  The new website is designed to be a resource for those in the biomedical optics community to stay connected and up-to-date on information and opportunities in the biomedical optics field.  Housed as part of the website for OSA’s newest journal, Biomedical Optics Express, the community site includes information on biomedical optics-related research, meetings, funding opportunities, awards, jobs and book reviews, as well as opportunities for engaging with others in the field.

Highlights of the site include:

  • Meeting Dates and Deadlines: Key listings of dates and submission deadlines of upcoming events with biomedical optics content
  • Funding Opportunities: Resources and grant listings for obtaining biomedical research funding from organizations like the U.S. National Institutes of Health, U.S. National Science Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, etc.
  • Awards and Honors: Announcements of recent awards and application information, listings of OSA Fellows in biomedical optics
  • Job Postings: A real-time feed of biomedical-related job openings on
  • Book Reviews: Industry experts provide comprehensive reviews of newly released textbooks, handbooks and other useful reference guides
  • Interactive and Social Media Features:  Quick polls and real-time Twitter feed; discussion groups for commenting and networking to come.

"Building on the successful launch of Biomedical Optics Express last year, OSA wanted to offer even more opportunities for engaging professionals in the biomedical optics community in 2011," said OSA President Christopher Dainty.  "With the new community website, we are providing a single location for these professionals to connect, share and receive information relevant to their work in this growing field."

About Biomedical Optics Express
Biomedical Optics Express is OSA's principal outlet for serving the biomedical optics community with rapid, open-access, peer-reviewed papers related to optics, photonics and imaging in the life sciences. The journal scope encompasses theoretical modeling and simulations, technology development, and biomedical studies and clinical applications.  For more information, visit

About OSA
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