Students to Receive New Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Travel Grant


Lyndsay Meyer
The Optical Society

Students to Receive New Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Travel Grant

WASHINGTON, June 14—The OSA Foundation (OSAF) and Optical Research Associates (ORA®) are pleased to announce the establishment of the Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Travel Grant. Funded by ORA as a memorial to their former President and Chief Executive Officer Robert S. Hilbert, this program recognizes the research excellence of students in the areas of optical engineering, lens design, and/or illumination design.

The first recipients of these grants will present their papers at the Optical Society’s (OSA) 2010 International Optical Design Conference (IODC) taking place this week in Jackson Hole, Wyo. The recipients were formally recognized today during the Surface Plasmons Plenary and during a reception hosted by ORA.

The following students were awarded this years grants:

  • Amber M. Beckley, University of Rochester, USA
    Paper: Imprinting Aberrations in the Stokes Parameters of a Focal Spot

  • Joshua J. Kim, University of Arizona, USA
    Paper: Modeling Transflective LCD Illumination Systems

  • Garam Yun, University of Arizona, USA
    Paper: Three-dimensional Polarization Ray Tracing and Diattenuation Calculation

“We are excited to recognize the impressive research skills that these students demonstrated by awarding them with the Hilbert Memorial Travel Grants,” said IODC Program Chair Julie Bentley. “This grant is a fitting tribute to Bob Hilbert and we look forward to seeing the many accomplishments that these students will achieve in the future, just as Bob did in his productive career.”

“Bob Hilbert had a longstanding commitment to fostering technical innovation in optics and supporting optics education,” said George Bayz, president and chief executive officer of ORA. “This grant honors his memory by providing extraordinary opportunities for students to pursue their careers in optics by attending professional meetings and conferences. ORA is delighted to highlight the achievements of this year’s grant recipients and congratulates them on their contributions to the 2010 IODC.”

The Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Travel Grants are awarded to students presenting at IODC; OSA’s Annual Meeting, Frontiers in Optics (FiO); and selected other OSA topical meetings. The 2010 recipients were selected by the program chairs of IODC. More information on this grant and the other OSA Foundation grants please visit the OSAF website.

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