Optics & Photonics News Launches New Website


Lyndsay Meyer
The Optical Society

Optics & Photonics News Launches New Website

WASHINGTON, September 1 Optics & Photonics News (OPN) today announced the launch and redesign of OPN Online, the website of the member news magazine of the Optical Society (OSA). OPNs website www.osa-opn.org has always been a valuable OSA member resource for the latest developments in optics and photonics, and the added enhancements have been designed to expand OPNs content and make the site more user-friendly and informative for OSA members.

Highlights of the new site include weekly news updates on the latest optics research, an Image of the Week feature, an optics history blog from OSA Past President and historian John N. Howard, an optics career blog, and reviews of optics-related textbooks. Users can also take part in a weekly poll related to OPN content or submit their images to be displayed as the Image of the Week.

The new tabbed navigation of OPN Online allows visitors to move easily between this weeks news, articles featured in the magazine, blogs and podcasts, and summaries of highlighted articles from OSAs peer-reviewed optics journals.

"Keeping with our commitment to serve our members with the most timely and succinct information, OPN and OSA are proud to unveil this revamped website to our members," said Elizabeth Nolan, OPN publisher. "The new site will prove to be a valued extension of the magazine and we are excited for all of our members to experience it."

Available right now on OPN Online: Find out why diamonds are a scientists best friend in our feature article on the 21st Century Applications of Nanodiamonds. Diamond is taking on a whole new role as a versatile and practical platform for harnessing the new quantum physics. Learn about one of the key applications of nanodiamonds in our online-only supplemental story about quantum key distribution.

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