Silicon Valley Researchers and Companies Highlighted During OSA 'Frontiers in Optics' Annual Meeting


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Silicon Valley Researchers and Companies Highlighted During OSA ‘Frontiers in Optics’ Annual Meeting

Local researchers take center stage to showcase innovation in optics

Innovations from nearly 650 scientific, technical and educational organizations will be highlighted during The Optical Society of America’s (OSA) Annual Meeting, Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2007, scheduled for September 16 – 20 at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California. The meeting OSA Exhibits featuring 70+ leading optics companies, including San Jose-based Coherent and New Focus, will complement the in-depth educational programming and offer attendees a glimpse of the latest optical technologies and products.

More than 100 research papers from California including 47 from local San Jose researchers will be presented during FiO, covering a wide range of topics across the entire spectrum of optics and photonics. Highlights include:

    • Fluorescent Tissue Transglutaminase Substrates for Tumor Boundary Imaging - A novel strategy is developed to image tumor boundaries optically to help surgeons in determining how wide a margin to remove. Chia-Pin Pan, Jeanne P. Haushalter, Khalid Amin, Zishan Haroon, Gregory W. Faris; SRI Intl., USA.
    • Compact Semiconductor Bioluminescence Bio-sensors - Researchers present design of bioluminescence detection systems using semiconductor detectors for improved detection sensitivity. Bioluminescence detection is useful in many applications in basic biomedical research and diagnostics including studying gene expression, tumor growth and metastasis in vivo. Thomas D. O'Sullivan, Alfred Wechselberger, Ofer Levi, James S. Harris; Stanford Univ., USA.
    • Ultrafast Coherent Diffractive X-Ray Imaging - Single ultrafast pulse high-resolution coherent x-ray images and holograms have been recorded at the FLASH free-electron laser. The ultrafast pulses of free-electron lasers allow high-resolution imaging of biological and other soft matter without the usual limitations imposed by radiation damage, making for stronger results. Henry Chapman; Lawrence Livermore Natl. Lab, USA.

As home to the largest concentration of technology expertise in the world—more than 6,600 technology companies employing more than 254,000 people—San Jose is an ideal city to host OSA’s Annual Meeting, which celebrates 90+ years of optical innovation.

San Jose/Silicon Valley is California’s largest technology hub, employing some 214,900 tech industry workers, and paying the highest annual average wage of all California cybercities at $126,700. Additionally, it is home to more than 500 optics professionals with significant university photonics centers located at Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley.

WHAT: The Optical Society of America’s Annual Meeting – Frontiers in Optics 2007
WHERE: Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA
WHEN: Sunday, September 16 – Thursday, September 20
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