'Frontiers in Optics' Presents Scientific Advancements to Help Bring Sight to the Blind, Make Commer


'Frontiers in Optics' Presents Scientific Advancements to Help Bring Sight to the Blind, Make Commercial Flights Safer and Increase Chances of Successful In Vitro Fertilization

91st Annual Meeting of the Optical Society of America (OSA) Features Nobel Laureate, Groundbreaking Research

With more than 600 papers presented by the world's most renowned physicists and engineers, OSA's Frontiers in Optics meeting will give a comprehensive update on the most significant new developments in the science of light.

What: Frontiers in Optics, the 91st annual OSA meeting
When: Sunday, Sept. 16 – Thursday, Sept. 20
Where: Fairmont Hotel
170 South Market Street
San Jose, Calif.

Conference highlights include:

  • New research revealing:
    • A new device that may help give sight to the blind
      Researchers at the University of Southern California are developing a tiny camera for prosthetic systems that can be implanted directly into the human eye. 
    • Advanced technology that promises to make flights safer in inclement weather
      Airline pilots will have more advance warning of potentially hazardous atmospheric conditions -- such as icing -- using a new near-infrared Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system.
    • Potential for increased success with in vitro fertilization using a new technique that singles out fastest sperm
      Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, and San Diego, have developed a laser sorting technique to separate stronger, faster sperm from slower sperm.
  • Keynote presentations from:
    • Nobel Laureate John Hall on the optical frequency comb, one technology that will aid in planet-finder space missions  
    • Eli Yablonovitch, University of California, Berkeley and a member of the National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Sciences, on nanotechnology and the role optics and photonics plays in future advancements
  • Exhibition featuring more than 70 leading companies in optics and photonics, including Thorlabs, Coherent, Inc. and Melles Griot.  
  • Special events discussing the role optics is playing in alternative energy, focusing on quantum mechanics and looking at evolving broadband demands and the technologies to meet them.
  • A "What's Hot in Optics Today?” session looking at the most important technical advances in every segment of the field – from medicine to communications.

For more information, visit www.frontiersinoptics.org or contact:

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