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Welcome to the OSA News Releases page. This page contains news from The Optical Society, including research highlights from OSA's journals, conference news, award announcements and more. Sort releases by category below to see all the news releases in a particular area.

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Early-stage Photonics Companies Profiled in New Ones to Watch Series

The OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA) today announced the launch of the Ones to Watch report series profiling innovative early-stage photonics companies. Featuring interviews with executives conducted by Europa Market Intelligence Limited (EMIL), each case study focuses on the participating company’s key technologies, funding overview, market opportunities, product roadmap and a five-year market forecast. OIDA, OSA’s Corporate Membership division, produces the reports.

Added: 04 Aug 2021

The Optical Society Announces 2021 Class of Senior Members

The Optical Society (OSA) Board of Directors announces its 2021 class of Senior Members inclusive of 196 OSA Members. The Senior Member distinction recognizes experience and professional accomplishment within the field of optics and photonics.

Added: 29 Jul 2021

Rougher Interfaces May Increase Efficiency of Next-Generation Solar Cells

At the OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, researchers from Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin demonstrate that introducing tiny nanoscale texturing on the surfaces of materials in perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells can significantly increase efficiency by reducing the amount of light energy that is lost due to reflection.

Added: 27 Jul 2021

Researchers Create Powerful Quantum Source with Meta-lens Array

At the OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, researchers from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University will for the first time demonstrate a quantum light source based on a meta-lens array. The approach offers a promising platform for both high-dimensional photon entanglement and the coherent control of multiple photons.

Added: 26 Jul 2021

World-Renowned Experts in Optical Communications, Photodetection and Light Trapping to Headline 2021 OSA Advanced Photonics Congress

At the 2021 OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, distinguished speakers will highlight photonic device research and development and their use in networks, and cross-cutting topics such as quantum science, free space communications, AI and machine learning.

Added: 22 Jul 2021

P. Scott Carney Named Chief Scientific and Technology Officer at The Optical Society

The Optical Society (OSA) today announced the appointment of P. Scott Carney as Chief Scientific and Technology Officer. In this role, Carney will coordinate technical activity across the organization, including shaping the scientific strategy for meetings, leading advocacy efforts, and providing science and technology-focused advice as a member of the Executive Team.

Added: 19 Jul 2021

Experts in Environmental and Remote Sensing and Quantum Photonics Among Plenary Speakers for OSA Optical Sensors and Sensing and Imaging and Applied Optics Congresses

The all-virtual co-located OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress and OSA Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress will feature ten topical meetings, special sessions, a combined virtual exhibit and four plenary talks.

Added: 16 Jul 2021

Helicopter-Mounted Device Measures Methane in Ship Exhaust

Researchers present on a newly developed gas sensor compact and lightweight enough to monitor emissions in ship exhaust from an airborne vehicle. Presented at the virtual OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress and Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress

Added: 15 Jul 2021

Tiny, Injectable Sensors Could Monitor Brain Activity without Surgery or Implants

At the virtual OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress, researchers have developed nanoscale sensors that could be injected into the body to noninvasively track brain activity using light.

Added: 14 Jul 2021

Dual-Window Approach Offers Unprecedented View of Brain Dynamics

At the virtual OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress, researchers report on an approach that allows simultaneous imaging of multiple areas of the brain at different depths through glass windows implanted in the heads of living mice.

Added: 07 Jul 2021

New Algorithms Give Digital Images More Realistic Color

In Optica, The Optical Society's (OSA) journal for high impact research, scientists describe a new approach for digitizing color. It can be applied to cameras and displays — including ones used for computers, televisions and mobile devices.

Added: 01 Jul 2021

Researchers Develop Wearable Sensor to Monitor Oxygen Levels through Skin

Researchers have combined a new oxygen sensing film with machine learning to create a wearable sensor capable of measuring tissue oxygenation through skin. Researchers will present the research at the virtual OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress and Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress to be held 19-23 July.

Added: 30 Jun 2021