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Industry Member News Archive

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Company Title Date
Sacher Lasertechnik Sacher Lasertechnik Group Launches New Website 01/04/2010
PD-LD, Inc. PD-LD Awarded New Patent for VBG Technology Expansion; Invention Improves Conditioning of Laser Diodes Output Characteristics 12/23/2009
Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Tech Company, Ltd. CNI Announces Newly Released 589 nm Yellow Laser Up To 2.5W 12/21/2009
LightCounting, LLC LightCounting Reports Active Optical Cable Market to Grow to $192 Million by 2013 12/21/2009
PD-LD, Inc. PD-LD Contracted for $17 Million Bridge Deck Rehab Design Project Team 12/21/2009
IPG Photonics Corporation IPG Photonics’ New Line of Fiber Lasers with High Pulse Energy to Replace Flash Lamp-Pumped YAG 12/15/2009
Ocean Optics, Inc. Ocean Optics XR-Series Spectrometers Cover ~200-1050 nm Wavelengths 12/14/2009
Luna Technologies, Inc. Luna's OFDR Technology Addresses a Critical Problem for Avionic Networks 12/08/2009
University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences Scientist’s Camera Sees Artwork Down to Its Underdrawings 12/04/2009
IPG Photonics Corporation Laser Institute of America’s President’s Award Presented to Bill Shiner 12/01/2009

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