2 W of high power tunable green-yellow lasers introduced

2 W of high power tunable green-yellow lasers introduced

TOPTICA Photonics

TOPTICA’s frequency-doubled diode lasers now reach 2 Watts output power at 560 nm wavelength with several nanometers tuning range, allowing to use diode laser-based technology around 560 nm with high power.

TOPTICA has released a new class of multi-Watt laser sources for use in the laboratory but also opening up opportunities for future OEM integration. Based on the TA-SHG pro product line, a resonantly frequency-doubled tapered amplified diode laser, more than 2 Watts of single frequency output covering the spectral range from 550 nm to 565 nm are now available. The dramatic leap towards higher power levels is possible due to proprietary tapered amplifier technology, modified electrical & thermal management and further improvements of the frequency-doubling resonator technology.

With a tunability of several nanometers, mode-hop-free scanning of 30 GHz and a linewidth of less than 100 kHz, the novel laser source allows numerous applications in quantum technologies. Similar performances are achieved around 400 nm, 430 nm and 480 nm. The TA-SHG pro product line covers a wavelength range of 316 nm to 675 nm with only few gaps and maximum power levels ranging to more than 2 W. The digitally controlled version DLC TA-SHG pro offers remote control via PC, touch screen operation, automatic alignment and active output power stabilization.

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