Newport Introduces New Additions to the A-Line™ Series

Newport Introduces New Additions to the A-Line™ Series

Newport Corporation

Irvine, CA – May 22, 2015 – Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in photonic solutions, is introducing new components to its innovative A-Line Series of self-aligning lens mounts. The latest additions to Newport’s A-Line include LH-GR Guide Rods, LH-K Insertable Link Blocks and the LH-1PM Fixed Cube Mount.
The A-Line LH-GR Guide Rods can be used to align multiple A-Line mounts along the same optical axis reducing alignment time and improving beam quality.  A flat surface machined into the stainless steel rods provides a reference key for rapid axial alignment of A-Line Mounts. The 6 mm diameter guide rods are available in lengths ranging from 0.5 inch to 12 inches.   

The A-Line LH-K Insertable Link Blocks enable optical center alignment between different diameter A-Line Mounts. The block’s slotted guide rod can also be used to insert guide-rod-mounted groups of A-Line lens mounts into an optical path.

The A-Line LH-1PM Fixed Cube Mount is a convenient solution for mounting 1.0 inch cube beamsplitters either among A-Line mounts or separately.  It features a newly designed edge clamping mechanism with minimal intrusion on the optical path.  All four sides of the cube mount have alignment holes for use with Newport LH or GR series guide rods and A-Line lens mounts to build Michelson interferometers, beam samplers or modules for OpticsCage+ systems using OC1-RH. 

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Newport Corporation is a leading global supplier of advanced-technology products and systems to customers in the scientific research, microelectronics manufacturing, aerospace and defense/security, life and health sciences and precision industrial manufacturing markets. Newport’s innovative solutions leverage its expertise in high-power semiconductor, solid-state and ultrafast lasers, photonics instrumentation, sub-micron positioning systems, vibration isolation, optical subsystems and precision automation to enhance the capabilities and productivity of its customers’ manufacturing, engineering and research applications. Newport is part of the Standard & Poor’s SmallCap 600 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.

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