Newport Introduces More Adjustable Mounts for OpticsCage+™ System

Newport Introduces More Adjustable Mounts for OpticsCage+™ System

Newport Corporation

Irvine, CA – May 14, 2015 – Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in photonic solutions, continues to expand its OpticsCage+ Optical Cage System with the release of three new accessories, bringing the total number of OpticsCage+ family elements to over 40.   The new products include the OC1-FB five-bank filter holder, the OC1-TZ insertable translation stage, and the OC1-ME one inch elliptical mirror corner cube. These family additions further increase the flexibility and number of applications where the OpticsCage+ can be used including microscopy, spectroscopy and optical trapping.

The exclusive five-carrier filter bank enables a wide variety of applications by allowing any of the 1 inch diameter by 0.25 inch thick optics to be flipped in and out of a beam path individually or together in any combination.  Rare Earth magnets hold the filter carriers firmly in position allowing the OC1-FB to be used vertically or horizontally.  Users can create a laser power attenuator using Newport’s FSR Series neutral density filters or a band pass filter using Newport’s FS-CR colored glass filter sets.  The OC1-FB can also be post-mounted for use without the cage system.

The OC1-TZ is a unique snap-in, lockable translation stage that features a 1.25 inch square mounting surface with an array of 8-32 tapped holes for securing optical mounts like the available OC1-LH1-TZ lens mount.  The OC1-TZ includes an SM-13 micrometer that provides +/- 6.5 mm of travel with 1 μm sensitivity.  For users needing to motorize the stage, Newport offers the OC1-TZ-M which excludes the micrometer.  The OC1-TZ is perfect for providing fine focus in precision cage systems or when mounted with a mirror, makes a basic delay line.  And like many of the OpticsCage+ elements is can be inserted or removed “in a snap” without having to disassemble the entire system – no other optical cage systems provide equivalent flexibility and ease of use.
The OC1-ME elliptical mirror corner cube is a cage mounted fine-adjustment elliptical mirror mount used for 90° beam folding. Three 100-TPI screws permit the precise fine adjustment of the mirror at a range of ±4°.  The mirror is held securely in place with a rear clamp that easily adjusts to mirrors up to 0.25” thick.  Newport also offers several new elliptical mirrors including the 10E20ER.1 and the 10E20ER.4, both or which offer wide wavelength ranges and excellent reflectivity.

“From the beginning, our design intent with OpticsCage+ has been to give our customers a much more flexible, adaptable and robust optics construction set at a very competitive price” says Rick Sebastian, Sr. Manager Product Marketing Opto-Mechanics at Newport.  “We are encouraged by the positive feedback from customers that say our system provides higher stiffness than traditional systems and is easier to build and modify.  With our adapter plates we can also help extend 30-mm cage set-ups for those customers with existing equipment.”       
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