New Focus Introduces Next Generation of Motorized Nanopositioners for Demanding OEM Applications

New Focus Introduces Next Generation of Motorized Nanopositioners for Demanding OEM Applications

Newport Corporation

Santa Clara, CA - New Focus, a Newport Company, is introducing Picolis, the next generation of motorized linear stages for nanopositioning. Picolis combines the compactness and precision of Newport’s nanopositioning linear stages with the high push force and excellent stability of New Focus’ picomotor technology. Picolis offers better than 30 nm resolution with a push force over 10 N and an effectively unlimited hold force. 

With a footprint of just 37.5 x 37.5 x 13 mm, the Picolis stage is extremely compact for its strength. Using an optional right-angle bracket, Picolis stages can easily be stacked in an XYZ configuration. Picolis stages operate with the New Focus 8742 Picomotor controller and/or the 8712 OEM driver.

 “With its push force over 10 N, Picolis can handle any optic, mount or XYZ-stack”, says Sandy Wang, New Focus Sr. Product Manager for Newport. “Once the power is off, the stages will not move. In many applications, the self-locking feature of the picomotor can eliminate the need for a closed loop device with additional electronics or encoders.”

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