New Focus Introduces Economical Optical Wavemeter for the 700-1650 nm Wavelength Range

New Focus Introduces Economical Optical Wavemeter for the 700-1650 nm Wavelength Range

New Focus

Irvine, California  – New Focus, a Newport Company and leader in photonics solutions, is introducing its first wavemeter, the WM-1210. It is easy-to-use, requires minimal setup and provides optical wavelength measurements in the 700 – 1650 wavelength range with ±1 ppm accuracy and 20 Hz update rate.

The New Focus wavemeter has been designed to work in test labs and manufacturing environments. It features a large display and full front panel control for stand-alone use. In addition, computer control is provided via RS-232 and USB interfaces. The wavemeter comes with a full suite of software to give users complete control over the device and allow for a full integration into their systems.

The WM-1210 utilizes a scanning Michelson interferometer that continuously determines the absolute wavelength of a laser source by comparing its interference fringe pattern with that of an internal HeNe laser standard. The built-in HeNe laser automatically and reliably calibrates the Wavemeter for ultimate measurement accuracy. 

“The WM-1210 Wavemeter is a versatile and economical tool for a large variety of applications ranging from scientific research to test and calibration on the manufacturing floor”, says Tyler Parker, Product Manager at Newport. “These applications include the wavelength calibration of tunable and swept laser sources, the wavelength monitoring of DFB lasers, tunable lasers and VCSELs or atomic spectroscopy applications that require high-resolution wavelength control.”

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