Base Lab Tools introduces new “Slim” line of solid aluminum optical breadboards

Base Lab Tools introduces new “Slim” line of solid aluminum optical breadboards

Base Lab Tools

 When weight matters- What optical breadboards to use?

There are often special optical applications that restrict the weight of the optical breadboard being used. In the application the equivalent of an optical table skin can be used to reduce weight. Base Lab Tools now offers our slim solid aluminum breadboards which are only 1/4" thick for these demanding optical breadboard requirements.
The first introduction in our product line was the SAB066-S which is a slim (1/4" thick), lightweight version of our standard 6" x 6" solid aluminum optical breadboard. The SAB066-S is depicted in the schematic below:

At less than 1 pound in weight this aluminum breadboard is half the weight of Base Lab Tools standard 1/2" standard solid aluminum optical breadboards.
  • Weighs less than 1 pound
  • Rounded corners for more safe laboratory environment
  • Designed with true 1/2" border allowing 1" spacing to be maintained when joining two breadboards together.
  • All breadboard sizes have at least 5 counterbore mounting holes for center mounting and greater stability.
  • All Base Lab Tools breadboards and tables are proudly made in the USA.


Base Lab Tools currently offers this new slim design plate in 3 sizes, 6” x 6”, 12” x 12” and 12” x 18”.  All sizes are also available as unanodized for high vacuum applications.  For custom requests, please visit out Custom Breadboard worksheet page.

About Base Lab Tools

Firstly, we make tables and breadboards. In our Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania facilities we manufacture all of our solid aluminum optical breadboards as well as many of our opto-mechanical parts.  Our optical tables are manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While we stock many of these products we also have built our systems to be able to customize products on the fly with only a small up charge on the cost.

At Base Lab Tools, we leverage our years of procurement and manufacturing know how to provide the best value for each photonics dollar spent. By building efficiency into our design and manufacturing techniques we are capable of passing on significant savings directly to our customers while exceeding the quality of existing photonics catalog houses.

We couple our innovative manufacturing techniques with a just-in-time customer driven distribution system allowing us to ship most products on the same day from stock.  Likewise, we have a generous return policy assuring our customers that they will never be left stuck on the rare occasion that for any reason they may not be satisfied.