IR Filter Sets with a Full Width Half Maximum of 60 - 600 nm

IR Filter Sets with a Full Width Half Maximum of 60 - 600 nm

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Bandpass Filters for Integration in a TO-39 Housing

LASER COMPONENTS  has now started to introduce pyroelectric and lead salt detec- tors to the market, with the aim of becoming a leading manufacturer and innovator in the IR market.  With this in mind we now offer low-cost accessories such as our new IR filter set to help you, the customer, speed up your development process.
Fourteen standard bandpass filters are sawn up hexagonally and integrated into pluggable  filter mounts with an inner diameter of 8.5 mm, with an aperture of 6 mm. Wavelengths range from 3.33 µm to 7.30 µm, having full width half maximum values from 60 nm to 600 nm. These filters use silicon substrates providing  blocking  to 10µm, with thirteen out of the fourteen filters being angle optimized.
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