Friends Family Comments

“I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Members, Family and Friends Events at the recent OSA Conference in Rochester.  I decided to check out the Hospitality Suite where some juice followed by what I had hoped would just be a brisk walk would refresh body and spirit.  Seems I got a lot more than I bargained for.  I so enjoyed the company, bountiful banter, local history, and glorious fall day that I joined the tour of the Eastman House the following day. That was equally delightful!   I knew a bit about the technical side of the legacy there, but it was the human and philosophical insight that caught my attention this time around.  It was nice to hear a bit of the day to day, be with people who were OK with a few "fly-by's", i.e. jokes, technical or otherwise, that we didn't always get the first time around and be in that great vastness of space where quantum mechanics, statistical probability theory, and biological molecular structures and tons of other great optical stuff does that is often referred to as ‘where the rubber hits the road’!   Thank you sooooo much for the interaction opportunity! “ 

Most Gratefully,  
Teresa Motz