OSA-JSAP Joint English-Language Symposium


For several years, OSA and the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) have organized a joint English-language symposia during the JSAP Autumn Meeting. 

All members of OSA, JSAP and JSAP's partner societies are invited participate in the meeting.

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Note: The 2020 event will be held virtual.


Topics & Speakers

Student Prize


Program Commitee



Symposia Schedule

Note - all days and times are based on Japan Standard Time (JST)

8 September

09:00 - 12:30  -  4.5 Nanocarbon and 2D Materials

9 September

08:30 - 9:30  -  Special Lecture from OSA 2020 President Stephen D. Fantone,Career Development Insights: Intangibles in job candidates. What are we really looking for in a new hire?

09:00 - 12:00 - 4.5 Nanocarbon and 2D Materials

10:00 - 12:00 - 4.1 Plasmonics and Nanophotonics

10:00 - 12:00  - 4.2 Photonics Devices, Photonic Integrated Circuit and Silicon Phonics

13:00 - 17:45 - 4.1 Plasmonics and Nanophotonics

13:00 - 17:45 - 4.4 Information Photonics

13:00 - 17:45 - 4.6 Terahertz Photonics

10 September

08:30 - 11:45 - 4.7 Quantum Optics and Nonlinear Optics

09:00 - 12:00 - 4.3 Lasers and Laser Materials Processing

11 September

09:00 - 12:00 -  4.3 Lasers and Laser Materials Processing

Topics & Invited Speakers

4.1 Plasmonics and Nanophotonics

Kim Donghyun (Yonsei Univ.), Ikeda Katsuyoshi (Nagoya Inst. of Technology), Yasutaka Kitahama (1.AIST), Kei Murakoshi (Hokkaido Univ.), Nicolas Pavillon (Osaka Univ.), Takayuki Umakoshi (Osaka Univ.), Jianfang Wang (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong)

4.2 Photonics Devices, Photonic Integrated Circuit and Silicon Phonics

Shota Kita (NTT Nanophotonics Center), Sze Yun Set (RCAST, the Univ. of Tokyo)

4.3 Lasers and Laser Materials Processing

Masaki Hashida(ICR Kyoto Univ.), Smrž Martin (Hilase centre, Institute of Physics AS CR), Takashige Omatsu (Chiba Univ.), Takasumi Tanabe (Keio Univ.)

4.4 Information Photonics

Cuong Dang (Nanyang Technological Univ.), Masako Kashiwagi (Toshiba),(omron corp.)

4.5 Nanocarbon and 2DMaterials

Yasumitsu Miyata (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.), Xiang Rong (The Univ. of Tokyo), Tomohiro Shiraki (Kyushu Univ.),Zhao Sihan (UC Berkeley)

4.6 Terahertz Photonics

Razzari Luca (INRS-EMT), Battiato Marco (Nanyang Technological Univ.), Ryusuke Matsunaga (ISSP. The Univ. Tokyo), Yasuaki Monnai (Keio Univ.)

4.7 Quantum Optics and Nonlinear Optics

Yoon-Ho Kim(POSTECH), Oh Kyunghwan (Yonsei Univ.), Shigeki Takeuchi (Kyoto Univ.), Koichiro Tanaka (Kyoto Univ.)

4.8 OSA Special Lecture

OSA 2020 President, Stephen Fantone (Optikos)


Student Prize

A student speaker who gives an exceptional presentation will receive the OSA Best Student Presentation Prize of $150 USD and a 3-year OSA student membership. The winner will also be offered the opportunity to publish an invited paper in a special issue of the OSA Continuum.



Category Fee
JSAP Regular Member/OSA Member 12,000 JPY
Student (Speaker) 3,000 JPY
Student (Attendence Only)         0 JPY
JSAP Senior Member / Life Member* 4,000 JPY
Member of JSAP’s Partner Societies 12,000 JPY
Non-Member 23,000 JPY


*JSAP members of over 60 years age without a regular job. Need application to become Senior Member.

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Program Committee

Program Chairs
Junichiro Kono (OSA), Rice University, USA

Takashige Omatsu (JSAP), Chiba University, Japan

Takuo Tanaka (JSAP), RIKEN, Japan

Prabhat Verma (JSAP), Osaka University, Japan


JSAP Members

Takuya Hirano, Gakushuin University, Japan

Ryoichi Horisaki, Osaka University, Japan

Satoshi Iwamoto, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Toshihiko Kiwa, Okayama University, Japan

Kazunari Matsuda, Kyoto University, Japan

Yuhei Miyauchi,  Kyoto University, Japan

Nobuhiko Nishiyama, Tokyo Tech, Japan

Norihiko Nishizawa, Naoya University, Japan

Masaaki Sakakura, Kyoto University, Japan

Nicholas I Smith, Osaka University, Japan

Hirotsugu Yamamoto, Utsunomiya University, Japan


OSA Members

C. T. Chan, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong

Min Gu, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China

Ray-Hua Horng, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Yuri S. Kivshar, Australian National University, Australia

Kei May Lau, Hong Kong Univ of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Ruxin Li, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS, China

Bishnu P. Pal, Mahindra Ecole Centrale Hyderabad, India

Fabian Rotermund, KAIST, South Korea

Caesar Saloma, University of the Philippines, Philippines

Chi-Kuang Sun, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Din Ping Tsai, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Qijie Wang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Huang Zhiwei, National University of Singapore, Singapore


JSAP-OSA Joint Symposia Secretariat, The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Email: joint_osa@jsap.or.jp
Tel: +81-3-3828-7724

JSAP’s Partner Societies

American Physical Society (APS), European Optical Society (EOS), European Physical Society (EPS), Institute of Physics (IOP), Korean Physical Society (KPS), Optical Society (OSA), Optical Society of Japan (OSJ), Optical Society of Korea (OSK), Physics Education Society of Japan (PESJ), Physical Society of Republic of China (PSROC), French Physical Society (SFP), International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) and Taiwan Photonics Society (TPS)