13 November 2020

OptoSigma and Phaos Technology Pte, Ltd. Announce a New Partnership Product – OptoNano 200


Yoko Difrancia

Marketing Manager


Santa Ana, CA., November 2020: OptoSigma Corporation, part of the Sigma Koki Group, a global manufacturer based in Japan, USA and Europe, and Phaos Technoloogy Pte, Ltd., an innovative company based in Singapore, have entered into a new partnership agreement. The agreement includes the Sigma Koki Group in Japan, under the OptoSigma brand name, manufacturing a new Super Resolution Microscope for distribution and sales throughout North, South America, European and Asia markets, through OptoSigma’s website and sales channels.

Caption: OptoNano 200

Credit: OptoSigma 

Within the agreement, Sigma Koki will manufacture an extraordinary new system named, OptoNano 200. It is a super resolution microscope system that incorporates OMN (Optical Microsphere Nanoscopy) technology. The OptoNano has the ability to resolve features down to 137nm in ambient environements without the need to condition the samples. System options include a selection of light sources, cameras, and objective lenses. The systems looks to save tremendous time and resources in comparrison to other known methods on the market today. All of these systems and related products will be available from OptoSigma’s newly enhanced website.

"We are very proud to have found in the Sigma Koki group under the OptoSigma brand name, an experienced and reliable partner for the manufacturing and distribution of our extraordinary new technology and OptoNano systems. With this partnership, Phaos Technology has the chance to become a member of a unique and rapidly growing company. Together we aim to change the way nano resolution is acheived and open opportunities to new applications and markets due to the low cost of ownership, ease of operation, and fast image acquisition,“ says Andrew Yeo, CEO of Phaos Technology.

"We are extremely excited to have created this strong group partnership with a company such as Phaos Technology and the innovator, Professor MingHui Hong, with his team from The National University of Singapore. We believe this new microscope system will enable commercial industry to be much more productive by utilizing the OptoNano due to the ease of use and time saving processes to reach sub 200nm resolution. There are a variety of applications in the photonics industry from commercial to academic and research, including but not limited to printed circuit boards, semiconductor, bio-imaging, material characterization, and environmental. This new system further strengthens our focus on microscopy and compliments our lineup of modular miscrosopes and accessories,“ says Dan Denison, Director of Sales & Marketing of OptoSigma.

About Phaos Technology

Phaos Technology was created to transfer and commercialize the OMN (Optical Microsphere Nanoscopy) technology, which was invented by a team of scientists at The National University of Singapore and sponsored by The National Research Foundation of Singapore by developing, designing and manufacturing OMN based super-resolution optical microscope systems. Phaos, in collaboration with Sigma Koki, aside from offering the mass production ready OptoNano 200 model, continues to develop and design further advanced microscope systems that are enabled with higher resolution capabilities and broader application adaptability.

For more information, please visit https://phaos.com.sg/

About OptoSigma and Sigma Koki Group

A leader in optics, optical systems, opto-mechanics, manual and motorized positioning, and thin film coatings for more than 40 years, The Sigma Koki group under the brand name of OptoSigma is committed to providing solutions, together with unrivaled quality, service and engineering insight for our customers on every product we offer. Our global manufacturing locations enable us to best meet our customers needs for custom or catalog standard products, whether the focus is price, precision, delivery, or a combination. We maintain a significant amount of inventory in stock so we can deliver promptly and ontime. Our focus is to support both research and commercial business globally.

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About Optica

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