9 June 2020

ExH Computational Electromagnetics Software Expands Low-Cost Non-Commercial License to Broader Base

Non-commercial licenses now available not only for University teaching purposes but also personal use such as hobbyists and both personal & corporate training

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, JUNE 9, 2020 – E x H, Inc. announces the availability of its low-cost non-commercial software licenses to a wider range of not-for-profit technologists.

E x H is the inventor of the popular reTORT ray tracer for optical and RF lens design. reTORT is a state-of-the-art ray tracer with native gradient index and metalens capability built right in.

The company has long supported university graduate education, particularly in photonics, by providing this non-commercial license for teaching purposes at less than the price of a textbook.

But we have received many inquiries from hobbyists, particularly amateur astronomers, who design their own optical devices. We found that they had to rely on other means to design and select lenses, and these means did not have the full functionality they needed to reach their dreams. On the other hand, our non-commercial licenses are well known to provide the full functionality of our electromagnetic simulation software that is used by commercial designers.

E x H supports education and all who strive to improve their skills and reach for their dreams.

So, in addition to offering our non-commercial software licenses to optically inclined hobbyists, we have decided to extend that offering to all personal users as well as the training of new engineers. This means that everyone who wants to develop new skills in electromagnetic simulation can now do so with a very low investment.

In fact, corporations that need to train new engineers in electromagnetic simulation can take advantage of this same offer prior to purchasing an additional seat of our commercial license, thereby assuring that when you make that investment, your engineer will be trained and fully productive. If you are not earning a living from the use of our software, you are welcome to take advantage of our very economical non-commercial license.

Having been packaged for graduate physics and EE programs, this non-commercial license also provides you with the rights to use of our PFSS full wave solver for periodic structures. This extremely fast solver not only provides you with the ability to design complex optical and RF systems but is very handy in the design of metasurfaces which can then be simulated in reTORT. Both reTORT and PFSS can be run at the same time within our GEMSIF computational framework.

Please feel free to download a no commitment free trial of reTORT from our website today. And visit our license pricing and ordering list when you decide to take advantage of this new offer.

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We are dedicated to providing you with advanced simulation tools. These tools allow you to design optical and RF systems that are smaller, lighter, faster and have greater clarity than ever before. Some of our solvers are licensed from Penn State University (https://www.psu.edu/). These solvers have been developed in PSU’s world-reknowned Computational Electromagnetics and Antennas Research Laboratory (http://cearl.ee.psu.edu/). Many of our scientists and engineers have been educated at CEARL. We have participated on multiple programs funded by DARPA. On the business side, we have been backed by Gran Sasso Ventures (https://www.gsvlp.com/), the same venture capitalists that funded collaboration software firm Compoze Software, now a part of Oracle [ORCL:NYSE], and multitouch technology inventor FingerWorks, the driver of touch screen technology and now a part of Apple [AAPL:NASDAQ]. E x H is at the forefront of transformation optics.

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