Organization Collaboration in Biosensing

PhotonicSys Ltd

29 December 2018 



PhotonicSys with its unique technology specializes in the development of proprietary optics and photonics based instruments and systems for the rapid detection of small (molecules, viruses) and large (bacteria, cells) entities in solutions and in gas forms. Our devices can be standalone or integrated into other systems such as optical microscopes, fluorescence and Raman systems.  Being miniature these devices can be positioned under a microscope or a spectrometer to probe both concentration, refractive index, fluorescence, Raman, surface shape or other spectroscopic signals. Our plasmonic substrates vary depending on the type of the sensing required and maybe sold separately. We are encouraging individual researchers or organizations interested in collaboration in the field of biosensing to contact PhotonicSys, at 

Photonicsys Ltd. started with its SPR00 system two years ago and lately presented its more miniature surface plasmon      resonance (SPR) instrument H5 and special substrates. The device which is less than 5cm height, weighs less than 1kg   and performs refractive index measurement accuracy down to 0.000001 equivalent to few pg/mm sq., can handle two        channels for now but possible to customize for more. The specially developed substrates allow small and large bioentities to be detected. The miniature device can be easily integrated into other instruments so that several measurement modes can be combined with SPR measurement: Miniature Design, binding kinetics analysis, Friendly GUI, and integration with other inspection equipment. Furthermore, Photonicsys special self-referenced substrates allow detecting gases and liquids using the same substrate and without modifications to the system.