ALPAO Develops New Modal Deformable Mirror


ALPAO extends its range of deformable mirrors with a new modal deformable mirror for industrial applications The leader ALPAO, designer and manufacturer of adaptive optics products, marks a milestone with the release of a new deformable mirror to complete its range of adaptive optics products.


This new product is designed to fit industrial applications: making adaptive optics much simpler and cheaper. The brand new product designed and manufactured by ALPAO is a Modal Deformable Mirror (DMM). It allows to use adaptive optics (AO) as never before! It provide an excellent correction of the most common optical aberrations at large amplitude and with high precision. ALPAO DMM provide an excellent correction of the most common optical aberrations.

With 7 or 8 control channels, each of them corresponding to one optical mode (e.g. focus, astigmatism…), the control is straightforward: as simple as you would do an auto-focus, you can now do an auto-astigmatism or an auto-spherical. It was designed to be easily integrated into systems with an embedded electronics and a standard tube packaging. DMM can also be customized according to customer’s needs (larger stroke, different pupil diameter or coating) to fit with their industrial application. ALPAO DMM will covers the needs of increasing optical performances in a very wide range of applications: ophthalmology, microscopy, laser and laser machining, 3D printing, microelectronics, machine vision… “

All our products are made to respond to users’ needs and applications. This new generation of deformable mirror will bring new opportunities to adaptive optics field for industrial use. We are proud to be part of that technological breakthrough and the wide expansion of AO” said Vincent HARDY, General Manager of ALPAO. ALPAO DMM datasheet can be downloaded on our website:


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