PhoeniX Software is proud to announce it has been nominated for two PIC Awards!

PhoeniX Software

Arjen Bakker Groundbreaking work in PIC design software and infrastructure - Lifetime Achievement Award

End of the 1980's Arjen Bakker graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands in the area of design and realization of a high-efficiency fiber chip coupling. As co-founder of BBV, a design services and software provider for "lightwave devices", today known as Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). He started his working career as the chief architect of the software in 1991 and in this role, Arjen translated the requirements needed by the design group into software solutions that have been commercialized successfully and of which Prometheus, Selene and OlympIOs are the most well-known. In 1992 he introduced the concept of parametric design, which nowadays is the standard design approach in integrated photonics mask layout and modelling. End of the nineties, just before the bubble, BBV was serving customers around the world and counted a staff of around 20 people.

After selling and successfully integrating BBV into Kymata Netherlands (later Alcatel Optronics Netherlands) in the period of 2000 till 2002, Arjen co-founded PhoeniX Software in 2003, where he ever since occupies the post of the CTO by being in charge of the technology roadmaps, research projects and the overall architecture of the software products. In this role, Arjen has been instrumental in promoting collaboration and standardization activities in Europe and beyond, to fuel the growth of the whole integrated photonics eco-system. Arjen introduced Process Design Kits to support cost-effective access to integrated photonics manufacturing through Multi Project Wafer runs and supporting the transition from a small and vertically integrated industry to today's dominant fabless working model for both R&D as well as commercial (volume) manufacturing. Further, he co-founded and is board member of the PDAFlow Foundation with all major photonics software vendors working together on standardization for tool interoperability and PDK definition. Arjen is actively promoting and working on creating integrated design flows based on standardized interfaces to enable designers to make more complex PIC designs, in shorter times, with a higher first-time-right rate. Today, PhoeniX Software is serving customers in more than 30 countries worldwide, rapidly growing, with a staff of 31. Without Arjen Bakker as driving force for software and technology development with his collaborative spirit, working together with other software vendors, technology providers, design houses and universities, to lower access barriers to enable a wide variety of worldwide organizations to make use of PIC technology, this industry would not have been as mature as it is today.

PhoeniX Software World class software solutions for micro and nano technology corporations and institutes - Design and Packaging

Pioneering photonics design automation already since 1991, today PhoeniX Software has a global presence and is a trusted and well recognized partner for a large number of organizations. We enable easy and cost-effective realization of integrated photonics chips and systems, by means of our internally developed superior products and services. Our customers range from large OEM's to start-ups and include some of the world’s top universities and research institutes. As the leader in Photonic IC design solutions, we will continue to develop the market by anticipating market demand and customer needs. In combination with our strategic partnerships, this results in offering world class design flows and access to all relevant fabrication technologies for our customers.