OptoTest Introduces The Latest Advancement In Multichannel High-Speed Optical Power Meters

Michelle Gebhart
OptoTest Corporation
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Camarillo, California – OptoTest Corporation proudly introduces the new OP740, the latest advancement in multichannel high-speed optical power meters. This unit will boast sampling rates of up to 10,000 samples per second and will be available with up to 24 channels per unit. The OP740 retains many of the existing specifications of the current OP710 optical power meter, while introducing features such as variable sampling rate, simultaneous multichannel display, and a more robust user interface.


The full color touchscreen display will allow the user to view multiple channels of power readings at the same time without using software and simplify test procedures through the front panel. Variable sampling rates will allow operators to adjust sampling speed of the unit to match the needs of their tests.


Another new feature of the OP740 is the inclusion of a USB 3.1 port to support the increased sampling rates. A USB 2.0 port will be available on all OP740s for backwards compatibility and integration into existing systems.

Based in Camarillo, California, OptoTest strives to be on the forefront of the fiber optics industry with solid fundamental measurement technologies for optical power, insertion loss, return loss, and launch condition. The company maintains a tradition of breakthrough products and innovative solutions for the testing and analysis of fiber optics components and systems.