OptoTest Corporation Announces OP720 Optical Switch Update

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Camarillo, California – OptoTest Corporation is proud to announce the release of an update to our OP720 optical switch. Our existing slim-line, 1U enclosure still works for 1xN switches up to 24 channels, but this redesign allows for many new configurations to fit within a 2U rack-mountable enclosure. These changes will allow for greater degrees of customization and better flexibility for our customers.


One new configuration for the 2U enclosure is a 1xN configuration with channel counts between 24 and 48 channels. This will reduce the amount of space used in rack enclosures and help to make tabletop workstations more compact. Similarly, another new configuration allows for two 1xN switches of up to 24 channels each to be controlled independently by the same 2U device.


Additionally, OptoTest now offers an NxM switch with up to 24 channels in each direction that also fits in the standard 2U rack size unit. This configuration will simplify custom test setups with multiple input devices or work benches that require multiple sources to be switched to multiple channels.


The updated OP720 optical switch will be released at OFC 2017. Visit booth #3413 for more information and hands-on demonstrations.

Based in Camarillo, California, OptoTest strives to be on the forefront of the fiber optics industry with solid fundamental measurement technologies for optical power, insertion loss, return loss, and launch condition. The company maintains a tradition of breakthrough products and innovative solutions for the testing and analysis of fiber optics components and systems.