Photosensor Dedicated to UVC Light Control

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Milpitas, September 26, 2016 : Light in Motion has released the L14UX photosensor : a UVC sensor in an hermetically sealed TO-46 package. The L14UX is ideal for the control and monitoring of UVC light sources.
The L14UX sensor active element is a phototransistor  with a special coating designed to enhance the sensitivity in the UVC range (100nm to 280nm wavelengths). It comes in two gain classes : L14U1 (higher gain for low UVC flux) and L14U2 (lower gain for high UVC flux applications).

It is packaged in a metal/glass can, making it impervious to the UVC light destructive effects on plastic materials, and providing a robust and reliable construction, which is required considering the application conditions the device might be submitted to: moisture, high temperature variations, corrosive environment.

The optical port is a flat glass window, resulting in a wide optical aperture (+/- 40 degree) that is ideal to sense the ambient level of UVC radiation. It also provides an integration effect on the incident light that smooths out the inhomogeneity of the wavefront.

The product has been designed to provide a sensing tool to monitor and control the level of UVC radiation in sanitizing machines and germicidal instruments, either from traditional UV lamps or solid state LEDs.
A suggested control circuit is described in the white paper:  Controlling UVC power with the L14U1 sensor, that is available for download on our website.

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Light in Motion organization is dedicated to the Design, Manufacture and Supply of high quality, high reliability optical emitter and detector components and assemblies for the exclusive use in the sensor industry.

Light in Motion owners bring 50 years of experience working with Philips Semiconductor, GI Optoelectronics, QT Optoelectronics and Fairchild Semiconductor to this business. This wealth of Semiconductor, Optical Engineering, Manufacturing Techniques, Supply Chain and Application Specific Experience, is available to all our customers in finding that Standard, Semi-Custom or Custom solution to their sensor requirements.

Light in Motion product lines consist of:

Hermetic, Metal Can, infrared emitters and silicon detectors: The initial product selection was based upon the corresponding lines discontinued by Fairchild and previously supplied by QT Optoelectronics.

Assemblies consisting of Interrupter and reflective switches: Initially, these too were discontinued by Fairchild and previously supplied by QT Optoelectronics.

Miniature Products: Advanced emitters and Detectors built in Surface Mount packages.