Newport Introduces Terahertz-Visible Broadband Beamsplitter

Newport Corporation
Pete Neely
Director Marketing Communications
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Anna Sansan Wang
Optics Product Manager
Tel: 949-437-9849

Irvine, CA – April 21, 2016 – Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in photonics solutions, is introducing a Terahertz-Visible Broadband Beamsplitter. The beam splitter is 2 inches in diameter and made of high quality N-BK7 glass with excellent transmission specifications for the visible wavelength range. It features an Indium Tin Oxide front surface coating that reflects terahertz wavelengths from 1-120 THz while transmitting the visible. The back side of the beam splitter is coated with a broadband antireflection coating optimized for visible wavelengths, 400-700 nm.

“Newport’s Terahertz-Visible Broadband Beamsplitter is ideal for beam splitting or wavelength separation,” says Anna Sansan Wang, Optics Product Manager at Newport. “It is a unique product that would be ideal for many terahertz applications such as spectroscopy, remote sensing, explosives detection, astronomy and telecommunications. We are happy to make this product available to all of our research customers.”
For more information on Newport’s Terahertz-Visible Broadband Beamsplitter, please visit and search “Terahertz Beamsplitter”.

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