Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP)

Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP)

02 - 05 十一月 2016
Wuhan Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan, China

Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) is currently the largest conference in Asia-Pacific region on optical communications, photonics, optical sensing and relevant optoelectronic technologies. ACP comes from APOC and AOE, and it has been held annually tracing back to 2001. ACP is jointly sponsored by The Optical Society (OSA), the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE), IEEE Photonics Society (IPS), The Chinese Optical Society (COS) and China Institute of Communications (CIC).

ACP 2016 together with the 9th International Photonics and OptoElectronics Meetings (POEM 2016), the 13th International Conference on Photonics and Imaging in Biology and Medicine (PIBM 2016), and the 13th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Exposition (OVC EXPO 2016) will be held in Wuhan International Exhibition Center, China, on November 2-5, 2016.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event in Wuhan!

Topic Categories

ACP Track 1: Novel Fibers and Fiber-based Devices
ACP Track 2: Optical Transmission Systems, Subsystems and Technologies
ACP Track 3: Network Architectures, Management and Applications
ACP/POEM Joint Track 4: Optoelectronic devices and Integration
ACP/POEM Joint Track 5: Optical Signal Processing and Microwave Photonics
ACP/POEM Joint Track 6: Photonics for Energy
ACP/POEM Joint Track 7: Ultrafast Photonics and Optical Storage
ACP/PIBM Joint Track 8: Photonics in Biology and Medicine

Plenary Speakers

Steve Chu, University of Stanford, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, the 12th United States Secretary of Energy, USA

Alan Willner, University of Southern California, USA

Miles Padgett, University of Glasgow, UK

Lihong Wang, Washington University in St Louis, USA