Optics for Energy (PS)

All aspects of the use of optics in the energy field are considered by this group. The group encompasses the conversion of light energy into other forms of energy including solar conversion via photovoltaic's and photo-thermal processes. Research on organic and inorganic photovoltaic devices, as well as design of optical systems to direct light into these devices, falls within this group. Photovoltaic materials, structures, performance and economics are considered. Devices and structures with improved efficiency, and/or involving novel use of light for illumination are important aspects of this group’s work. Additional aspects of illumination covered include the modeling and design of lighting systems as well as perceptional consideration.

Svetlana V Boriskina Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChair
Vivian Ferry University of MinnesotaVice Chair
Alexander V Kildishev Purdue UniversityCo-Chair
Jurgen Michel Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCo-Chair
Greta Cukrov Liquid Crystal InstituteSecretary/Outreach Coordinator
Jonathan Tong MITSocial Media & Publications Coordinator

Optics & Energy: Reflections on the Past and Lighting the Future
18 October 2016, 18:00 – 19:00, Radisson Hotel, Genesee Suite F

Join the Optics for Energy Technical Group for this special event highlighting the major milestones of the optics and energy partnership through the last century. Please RSVP to tgactivities@osa.org if you plan to attend.

The July/August edition of Optics & Photonics News features an article highlighting the OSA Incubator on the Fundamental Limits of Optical Energy Conversion, which was organized by the Optics for Energy Technical Group in 2014. You can also read the blog and listen to the presentations from this OSA Incubator meeting.