Optical Communications (PC)

This group oversees the development in the field of optical communications. It deals with optical transmission aspects from chip-to-chip, ultra-short haul to long haul range. It deals with optical networking aspects, coding and decoding of information onto photons, optical signal processing and other transmission related aspects.

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Name Affiliation Title
Sethumadhavan Chandrasekhar Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs  Chair

Lighting up Africa with Lasers, Optics, and Fibres

三月 15 - 三月 21 2015
Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia

Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exposition

三月 22 - 三月 26 2015
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

OSA Executive Forum

三月 23 - 三月 23 2015
Petree Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA, California, USA

International conference for students of physics & natural sciences "Open Readings 2015"

三月 24 - 三月 27 2015
Vilnius, Lithuania

Optical Wave and Waveguide Theory and Numerical Modelling Workshop

四月 17 - 四月 18 2015
London, UnitedKingdom