Laser Systems (PL)

This group encompasses novel laser system development for a broad range of scientific, industrial, medical, remote sensing and other directed-energy applications. The group addresses technical issues concerning sources that cover the full spectral range, including: ultraviolet, visible, infrared, terahertz and microwave. Strong overlap with other technical groups that study and develop laser techniques and technologies brings together researchers and engineers to produce sources with unique performance, such as high-power, ultra-short pulses and high coherence.

Name Affiliation Title
Bo Gu Bos Photonics Chair

FIAT LUX - Let There Be Light

六月 03 - 六月 05 2015
Rome, RM, Italy

12th Mediterranean Workshop and Topical Meeting "Novel Optical Materials and Applications"

六月 07 - 六月 13 2015
Cetraro, Italy

Propagation through and Characterization of Distributed Volume Turbulence and Atmospheric Phenomena (pcDVT)

六月 07 - 六月 11 2015
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Application of Lasers for Sensing & Free Space Communication (LS&C)

六月 07 - 六月 11 2015
Renaissance Arlington Capital View, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Photonics North

六月 10 - 六月 12 2015
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
If you are a member of the Laser Systems Technical Group and have ideas for activities and initiatives to help engage this group’s members, please contact the group chair, Bo Gu, at


Sr. Laser Processing Scientist | Corning
Tue, 19 May 2015 09:29:00 EST

Senior Optical Systems Engineer (2015215) | Infinera
Wed, 13 May 2015 16:27:00 EST

Optical Systems Engineer | Exelis Incorporated
Fri, 08 May 2015 14:38:00 EST

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