Honorary Members

Honorary Members

Stephen E. HarrisStephen E. Harris

The most distinguished of all OSA Member categories, Honorary Membership is awarded to individuals who have made unique, seminal contributions to the field of optics. The roster of living Honorary Members demonstrates the high stature of this designation: Arthur Ashkin, Nicolaas Bloembergen, Steven Chu, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Roy J. Glauber, John L. Hall, Theodor W. Hänsch, Stephen E. Harris, Donald B. Keck, Herwig Kogelnik, William D. Phillips, Charles H. Townes and Emil Wolf.

Honorary Members are elected by unanimous vote of the OSA Board of Directors upon nomination by the OSA Presidential Advisory Committee and unanimous endorsement by the OSA Awards Committee.  The number of Honorary Members cannot exceed two-thousandths (2/1000) of the total membership of the Society. Normally, no more than one Honorary Member can be elected in a calendar year, although the Board of Directors may exceed that limitation under extraordinary circumstances.

Honorary Members receive a complimentary OSA lifetime membership and other special recognitions of their distinguished status, including complimentary OSA meeting registrations and member subscriptions to all OSA journals of their choice.

Any OSA member may nominate someone to the status of Honorary Membership by sending a brief (no longer than one page) advocacy statement discussing the candidate to: OSA Executive Office, 2010 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC, USA 20036, ATTN: Presidential Advisory Committee; or email edreaz@osa.org. The deadline for nominations is 1 March.

2013 Stephen E. Harris
2012 Donald B. Keck
2011 Jarus W. Quinn
2010 James P. Gordon
2009 Arthur Ashkin
2008 Theodor W. Haensch
Roy J. Glauber
2007 John L. Hall
2005 Herwig Kogelnik
2004 William D. Phillips
2003 Steven Chu
2002 Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
2001 Alexander Prokhorov
2000 Willis E. Lamb
1993 James G. Baker
1992 George Wald
1987 Emil Wolf
1986 Andre Marechal
1984 Nicolaas Bloembergen
Rudolf Kingslake
1983 Arthur L. Schawlow
1981 John Donovan Strong
1980 H. Keffer Hartline
1972 Dennis Gabor
Edwin H. Land
1970 Charles H. Townes
1968 Gerhard Herzberg
1967 George R. Harrison
1966 Harrison M. Randall
1962 Alfred Kastler
1958 William F. Meggers
1957 C.E. Kenneth Mees
Thomas Smith
1954 Fritz Zernike
1950 Arnold Sommerfeld
R. A. Millikan
1944 R. W. Wood
1941 Theodore Lyman
C. V. Raman
1933 Charles Fabry
Edward Bausch
1922 A. A. Michelson
S. W. Stratton
1916 Edward L. Nichols
Charles S. Hastings
George E. Hale