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Laser Technology: Changing Daily Life, Forging New Opportunities

This 42-minute video/CD-ROM traces the fast-paced history of the laser and includes exciting visual depictions of laser applications. Targeted to high school and post-secondary students, the video/CD focuses on the characteristics of diode, solid-state and gas lasers and the properties that make them useful in a variety of applications including telecommunications, entertainment, biomedicine and the military. Footage of the field's early pioneers, and over 25 industrial sources are featured. Available in VHS (NTSC) and CD-ROM formats. Request a copy of the video.

Topics include:

  • Historical background of the laser
  • Properties of light
  • Description of main laser types
  • Laser applications
  • Safety
  • Career opportunities

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Optics: Light at Work

This 15-minute video, created by SPIE with financial support from OSA, provides kids with real world applications of optics technology - remote controls, cell phones, bar code scanners and computers - things they use in their daily lives, as well as examples of "cool" new technology such as nanomedicine, space telescopes, invisibility and solar energy. Request a copy of the DVD.

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