Hands-On Optics

Hands-On Optics (HOO) is an education program that brings together optics experts, teachers and parents to enlighten students about science, technology and the field of optics.Hands On Optics

The Hands-On Optics program works to:

  • Create links between the professional optics and informal education communities.
  • Provide science and technology resources to underrepresented middle school students and connect with their parents, teachers, school districts and communities.
  • Provide opportunities for target populations to succeed in collaborative learning and problem solving through inquiry-based, hands-on applications of optical engineering skills and knowledge.
  • Increase science and technology knowledge of students, and raise awareness of optics as a discipline and career choice.

Hands-On Activities

I'm Under a Lot of Stress Here!
Structural engineers and other scientists are always trying to find ways to make structures lighter and stronger.

Fun with the Sun
The Sun gives off a great deal of energy in the ultraviolet (UV) range of the EM spectrum.

Hit the Target
This is the culminating activity, requiring students to use all the practiced skills from the previous activities.

Three Lasers Converging at a Focal Point: A Demonstration
In this activity, students will see how we can use the property of refraction to focus parallel rays of light.

Laser Light: An Activity
This simple activity will help students visualize the difference between laser light and normal light.

Multiple Reflections
We know that when light reflects off a plane mirror, the image appears left/right reversed.

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