Start A Chapter

Start an OSA Student Chapter

Starting a student chapter is a great way to make the most of OSA Student Membership. Follow the steps and your university can begin to take advantage of the many benefits and services OSA offers its chapters.

Note: A university cannot have more than one OSA Student Chapter. If there is already a chapter at your school, you are encouraged to participate with the existing chapter which you may join when activating or renewing an OSA Student Membership or by emailing 

Step 1: Recruit five OSA Student Members and a faculty advisor.

  • At least five chapter members are required to join The Optical Society as OSA Student Members. Students may join online or email to request to join as a group with a single transaction.
  • Not sure who is an OSA Student Member at your school? E-mail and we may be able to provide you with a list.
  • A chapter must have a faculty advisor to serve as a liaison between your chapter and your university

Step 2: Name Your Chapter.

  • The standard chapter name is "Your University Name" followed by OSA Student Chapter, ex. University of Oregon OSA Student Chapter.
  • If the students would like a different name or the chapter has several society affiliations, students are encouraged to include the university name, a reference to field of optics, photonics, physics, etc. and an organization type (society, chapter, group, league), ex. Universidad de Valladolid Physics League.

Step 3: Elect officers.

  • The chapter must have a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary who are OSA Student Members.
  • Your chapter may establish additional officer roles, such as Outreach Officer, and elect members to these positions

Step 4: Submit the OSA Student Chapter Application and Petition to Charter.

Application Review Period

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Membership Department and you will be contacted if there are any questions or concerns. Your application will then be sent to the Member & Education Services Council for final review and approval.

OSA Student Chapter benefits include:
Grants and Awards
Global Networking
Programs and Materials