Specialty Optical Fibers & Applications (SOF)

27 - 31 julho 2014
Barcelona, Spain

Topic Categories

SOF - the meeting to discuss synthesis, processing, characterization, modeling, physical properties and applications of specialty and novel optical fibers with high technological impact potential.

Optical fibers, long an enabling technology for telecommunications, are proving to play a central role in a growing number of modern technologies including applications in defense and security, sensing, automotive, and biomedicine. The purpose of this conference is to bring together global leaders from academia, industry, and the public/government sector to survey the present state of the art and project future trends in specialty optical fiber materials, designs, and applications.

Particular attention will be paid to high energy fiber lasers, novel optical amplifiers and lasers, infrared and nonlinear fibers, micro-structured and photonic crystal fibers, active and passive polymer optical fibers, fiber-based sensors, crystalline and ceramic optical fibers, and fibers for biomedical and bioscience uses.

Papers are being considered in the following topic categories:
  • Optical Fibers:
    • Micro-structured fibers
    • Soft glass fibers
    • Novel designs and theory
    • Novel glass compositions
  • Fiber Lasers:
    • CW fiber lasers
    • Pulsed fiber lasers
    • Beam Combining in Fibers
    • Fiber lasers, applications, general and misc
  • Applications:
    • Fibers for sensors
    • Nonlinear fibers
    • Supercontinuum Fibers
    • Telecommunication fibers