Invited Speakers

Nonlinear Optics (NLO)

17 - 21 julho 2017
Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, Waikoloa, Hawaii United States

Invited Speakers

Gaetano Assanto, Universita degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy, Nematicons: Fundamentals and Advances, Invited

Daniele Faccio, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, Nonlinear and time-dependent Epsilon-Near-Zero materials, Invited

Liang Feng, Buffalo State SUNY, United States, Harnessing Optical Loss for Unique Microlaser Functionality , Invited

Alexander Gaeta, Columbia University, United States, Mid-Infrared Microresonator-Based Frequency Combs , Invited

Rupert Huber, Universität Regensburg, Germany, Terahertz subcycle control: from high-harmonic generation to molecular snapshots , Invited

Franz Kaertner, Universität Hamburg , Germany, Terahertz Accelerator Technology , Invited

Martti Kauranen, Tampere University of Technology, Finland, Plasmonic and photonic resonances of nonlinear metasurfaces , Invited

Wayne Knox, University of Rochester, United States, Nonlinear Optics: Key to Noninvasive Vision Correction , Invited

Ferenc Krausz, Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Germany, Attosecond tracking of nonlinear response of bound electrons , Invited

Michal Lipson, Columbia University, United States, ultra high quality factor on chip microresonators , Invited

Katsumi Midorikawa, RIKEN, Japan, Next Generation High-Order Harmonic Sources , Invited

Roberto Morandotti, INRS-Energie Mat & Tele Site Varennes, Canada, Generation and processing of multi photon quantum states in integrated Kerr frequency combs, Invited

Siddharth Ramachandran, Boston University, United States, Intermodal nonlinear optics with Bessel and OAM beams in fibers , Invited

Vahid Sandoghdar, Max-Planck-Inst Physik des Lichts, Germany, Few-photon coherent nonlinear optics with a single molecule, Invited

Peter Schunemann, BAE Systems Inc, United States, New nonlinear crystals , Invited

Mordechai Segev, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, Topological Photonics and Topological Insulator Lasers , Invited

Birgit Stiller, University of Sydney, Australia, Coherent photon-phonon conversion in integrated circuits , Invited

Kerry Vahala, California Institute of Technology, United States, Microcavity Soliton Physics and Applications , Invited

Stefan Wabnitz, Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy, Nonlinear dynamics of spatio-temporal waves in multimode fibres , Invited

Frank Wise, Cornell University, United States, Spatiotemporal Nonlinear Wave Propagation in Multimode Fibers , Invited

Qiang Zhang, Univ of Science and Technology of China, China, Experimental progress towards global quantum communication based on frequency conversion , Invited