Scope and Topic Categories

Freeform Optics

03 - 06 novembro 2013
JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Scope and Topic Categories

In this meeting, the rapidly evolving impact of freeform optical surfaces on optical systems for both imaging and illumination will be highlighted.   New fabrication techniques that create optical surfaces that are not surfaces of revolution opens an expansive new space for optical systems.  Particularly enabled systems include illumination systems, head worn displays, and mid and long wave pervasive surveillance systems.  In a historically unique circumstance, optical testing methods for these new surfaces are entirely lacking and the theory and implementation of an aberration theory as a basis for optical design of these surfaces was only unraveled in 2012.

The scope of this meeting will feature work on the optical design of imaging systems with freeform surfaces, evolving methods for surface representation for illumination system optimization, and a perspective on the new challenges these surface present to optical testing.  This conference is an evolution of the OSA Incubator meeting on the same subject held in late 2011.  It provides a forum for exchanging new thinking and methods in response to the industry’s ability to create these new types of surfaces.

Topic Categories

  • Aberration Fields of Optical Systems with Freeform Surfaces
  • Aspherics
  • Etendue
  • Fabrication
  • Freeform Diamond Turning
  • Freeform Surface Representations
  • Illumination Systems Enabled by Freeform Surfaces
  • Imaging Optical Systems Enabled by Freeform Surfaces
  • Nonimaging Optics
  • Optical Design Methods for Leveraging Freeform Surfaces
  • Solar Concentrators
  • Testing and Metrology of Freeform Surfaces
  • Rotationally Nonsymmetric Optical Surface Fabrication