Imaging Systems and Applications (IS)

Imaging Systems and Applications (IS)

25 - 28 julho 2016
Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

Latest advances in the research, engineering and systems design of imaging devices for applications in military, industrial, medical and consumer imaging.

IS brings together experts from many different scientific and engineering disciplines who contribute to the design and integration of optics, sensors, digital processing and displays in imaging systems. IS captures the state-of-the-art in unique light gathering optics, image sensor architectures and technology, on and off chip digital image processing, and methods for compression and transmission. The meeting highlights the leading-edge use of imaging systems in microscopy, invasive and non-invasive surgery, remote sensing, astronomical observations and imaging from nearby planets to outer space, digital cinematography capture and projection, computational photography and consumer imaging.

Joint AO and IS Keynote Speaker

Monday, 25 July 11:30
 Adaptive Optics in Vision Science and Ophthalmology
Josef Bille, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Plenary Speakers

Monday, 25 July, 09:00
Trends, Advances and Prospects of Optical Imaging in Germany and Beyond, Michael Totzeck, Fellow, Corporate Research and Technology, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

Coherent X-ray Imaging, Keith Nugent, Deputy vice-Chancellor (Research), La Trobe University, Australia

Fifty Years of Image Science, Chris Dainty, Professorial Research Associate, University College London, UK

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Andreas Erdmann, Fraunhofer IISB, Germany, Resolution Enhancements for Semiconductor Lithography: A Computational Perspective , Invited

Jorg Fischer, New Ophthalmic Imaging Procedures , Invited

Boyd Fowler, Omnivision Technologies, Highlights of 2015 International Image Sensor Workshop , Invited

Moti Fridman, Bar Ilan University, Israel, Temporal Lens Array , Invited

Amal Ghosh, eMagin Corp., United States, Recent Advances in High Brightness OLED Microdisplays, Invited

Robert Henderson, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Avalanche-mode High Frame Rate, Low Light CMOS Single Photon Image Sensors , Invited

Bahram Javidi, University of Connecticut, United States, Advances in 3D Imaging with Applications to Displays, Computational Imaging, Optical Security, and Healthcare , Invited

Achuta Kadambi, MIT, United States, Macroscopic Interferometry with Electrons, Instead of Photons , Invited

Ori Katz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, To be determined , Invited

Hendrik Lensch, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany, To be determined, Invited

Gao Liang, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, United States, Compressed Ultrafast Photography: Redefining the Limit of Passive Ultrafast Imaging , Invited

John MacEachin, Sierra Nevada Corporation, United States, Optical Design Considerations for Wide Area Imaging Systems , Invited

Guy Meynants, CMOSIS, Belgium, High Resolution and Large Format CMOS Image Sensors for Professional Applications , Invited

Pantazis Mouroulis, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, United States, Imaging Spectroscopy Technologies and Applications, Invited

Demetri Psaltis, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland, The Memory Effect in Multicore Fibers , Invited

Eldon Puckrin, Defence R&D Canada, Canada, Developments in Thermal HSI Sensing at Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier Research Centre , Invited

Grover Swartzlander, Rochester Institute of Technology, United States, To be determined, Invited

Martin Wegener, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany, To be determined, Invited

Josef Bille, Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg, Adaptive Optics in Vision Science and Ophthalmology, Keynote

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Congress Special Events

Special Events

The Keys to a Successful Career in Optics; Student & Young Professional Career Panel
Date: Monday, 25th July, 2016
Time: 12:30 - 14:00
Room: Ballsall

Are you passionate about science but uncertain about the opportunities after graduation? The OSA Foundation invites you to this OSA Members-only career panel for students and young professionals. Hosted by 2016 OSA Ambassadors Aline Dinkelaker and Bettina Heim, the panel will feature plenary speakers Chris Dainty, Keith Nugent and Michel Totzeck who will discuss career options, the current job market and new technologies to look out for that might be exciting to work with in the future with participants. Lunch is complimentary for RSVP’d attendees.
OSA Members can RSVP online. For questions, please contact

Welcome Reception Cruise
Date: Monday, 25th July, 2016
Boarding Time: 18:30

Join your colleagues on a cruise along the Neckar River and enjoy a very special view of Heidelberg and its sights, including the Old Bridge and Heidelberg Castle as the cruise makes it’s way up and down the River.  The main cruise is Heidelberg to Neckargemünd. 

Boarding: 18:30               Departure: 19:00             Return:  21:00 approx.

Fees: Full Technical - $20.00, Student Technical- $10.00 and Guest -$85.00
RSVP at time of registration is required for a ticket.  Ticket purchase is required.

OSA Holography and Diffractive Optics Technical Group Networking Event
Tuesday, 26 July 2016
Time:14:00 – 15:00
Room: Robert-Schumann-Zimmer

Join members of the Holography and Diffractive Optics Technical Group for a chance to learn more about this group while connecting with your peers and colleagues in the community. Yunlong Sheng, who serves as the technical group’s chair, and Pascal Picart, who serves as vice chair, will share their vision for the technical group and will seek your input on future activities and events.

OSA 100th Celebration: Light the Future with Joseph Izatt and Bernard Kress
Date: Tuesday, 26 July 2016
Time: 18:00 - 19:30
Room: Groẞer Saal

Follow us on Twitter at @OpticalSociety, #OSA100LTF

You're invited to celebrate OSA’S 100th Anniversary! OSA will be 100 years old in 2016 and we are planning a big celebration to commemorate this historic event. Our focus is on the extraordinary people who have advanced the field. OSA’s Imaging and Applied Optics Light The Future speaker series will feature Joseph Izatt, professor of Biophotonics, Duke University, Lighting up the Future of Medical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy and OSA Fellow Bernard Kress, Microsoft, USA, The Light Years Ahead: How Today's Promising Augmented and Virtual Reality Markets Help Shape New Optics Frontiers.  

Light the Future Reception will follow immediately after the session.

Illumicon: Round Table Discussion for Advanced 3D Displays
Wednesday, 27 July 2016
Time: 19:30 – 20:30
Room: Zum Guldenen Schaf (Hauptstraße 115, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany)
Join the OSA Display Technology Technical Group for Illumicon, an exclusive members-only event. Illumicon attendees will converge over drinks and appetizers on Wednesday, 27 July, to discuss emerging trends, technologies and opportunities in advanced 3D displays. Round table discussions will also seek input and ideas on how the Display

Technology Technical Group can engage the 3D community in the years ahead. Entrance will be granted to those able to provide the secret Illumicon event password; RSVP to to let us know you will be attending and to receive the event password.