Keynote and Invited Speakers

Digital Holography & 3-D Imaging (DH)

25 - 28 julho 2016
Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

Keynote and Invited Speakers

Yasuhiro Koike, Keio University, Japan, Advanced Photo Polymers for Fast Data Transmission and High Resolution 3D Data Display, Keynote

YongKeun Park, Korea Advanced Inst of Science & Tech, South Korea, The Application of Inverse Scattering Principles for the Investigation of Scattering Media by Digital Holography, Keynote
Claas Falldorf, BIAS, Germany, Measurement of Functional Surfaces with Digital Holographic Principles, Tutorial

Sven Krueger, HOLOEYE Photonics AG, Germany, Liquid Crystal based Spatial Light Modulators: from Research to Industrial Implementation , Tutorial

Anand Asundi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Digital Holography for the Inspection of Microsystems, Invited

George Barbastathis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States, Stochastic Dynamics Applied to the Problem of Phase Retrieval in Digital Holography, Invited

Nazif Demoli, Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia, Time-averaged Digital Holography, Invited

Frank Dubois, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, Influence of Partially Coherent Light on Digital Holographic Microscopy , Invited

Tobias Haist, Universität Stuttgart, Germany, Adjustment and Application of Spatial Light Modulators for Holography, Invited

Bernd Jähne, University of Heidelberg, Germany, Evaluation of Modern Image Sensors Using the EMVA 1288 Standard, Invited

Myung Kim, University of South Florida, United States, Digital Holographic Microscopy, Invited

Denis Lebrun, Universite de Rouen, France, Digital in-line Holography for Particle Diagnostics , Invited

Elena Stoykova, Inst Optical Materials & Tech to the BAS, Bulgaria, 3D Capture and 3D Contents Generation for Holographic Displays, Invited

Nelson Tabirian, United States, Digital Polarization Holography and Advances in 4G Optics, Invited

Peter Tsang, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Enhanced Single Random Phase Holographic Encryption , Invited

Yan Zhang, Dept of Physics, Capital Normal Univ, China, Terahertz Digital Holography and its Application, Invited