International Optical Design Conference (IODC)

22 - 26 junho 2014
The Fairmont Orchid, Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA

Committee List


Mariana Figueiro, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States
Scott Lerner, Carl Zeiss AG, United States
Julius Muschaweck, Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co., Germany
John Rogers, Synopsys, Inc, United States


Dave Aikens, Savvy Optics Corp., United States
Miguel Alonso, University of Rochester, United States
Rob Bates, FiveFocal LLC, United States
Julie Bentley, , United States
Florian Bociort, Technische Universiteit Delft, Netherlands
Peter Brick, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Germany
Thomas Brown, The Institute of Optics, United States
Scott Cahall, Eastman Kodak Company, United States
William Cassarly, Synopsys, Inc, United States
Chier-Weei Chang, Industrial Technology Research Institute,
Russell Chipman, University of Arizona, United States
Peter Clark, LensVector Inc, United States
Josh Cobb, Corning Tropel Corporation, United States
Jim Contreras, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, United States
Jasmin Cote, Side by Side Optical Engineering, Canada
Marta De La Fuente, INDRA, Spain
J. Rufino Diaz-Uribe, Univ Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Alexander Epple, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany
Florian Fournier, , United States
Edward Freniere, Lambda Research Corporation, United States
G. Groot Gregory, Synopsys, Inc, United States
John Greivenkamp, University of Arizona, United States
Anurag Gupta, Google, United States
Lakshminarayan Hazra, University of Calcutta , India
Joseph Howard, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, United States
Rainer Jetter, Optikentwicklung, Germany
Richard Juergens, Raytheon Missile Systems, United States
Norbert Kerwien, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany
David Kessler, Kessler Optics & Photonics Solutions,Ltd, United States
John Koshel, College of Optical Sciences/Univ Arizona, United States
Kenneth Kubala, FiveFocal, LLC, United States
Jay Kumler, JENOPTIK Optical Systems, LLC, United States
Wai-sze Tiffany Lam, University of Arizona, United States
Paul Leisher, nLight Corporation, United States
Rongguang Liang, University of Arizona, United States
Irina Livshits, , Russia
Virendra Mahajan, The Aerospace Corporation, United States
Daniel Malacara Hernandez, Centro de Investigaciones en Optica AC, Mexico
Stephan Malkmus, OSRAM, Germany
Paul Manhart, Sigma Space Corporation, United States
Romeo Mercado, RM Optical Design Consulting, United States
Paul Michaloski, Corning Advance Optics, United States
Michael Missig, Bausch & Lomb, Inc, United States
Kenneth Moore, Zemax, LLC, United States
Pantazis Mouroulis, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, United States
Iain Neil, Scotoptix, Switzerland
Thomas Nobis, Carl Zeiss AG,
Vladimir Oliker, Emory University, United States
Craig Olson, L-3 Communications, United States
Donald O'Shea, Georgia Institute of Technology, United States
Richard Pfisterer, Photon Engineering LLC, United States
Andrew Rakich, European Southern Observatory, Germany
Henning Rehn, Osram GmbH, Germany
Jannick Rolland, University of Rochester, United States
Kevin Rolland-Thompson, Synopsys, Inc, United States
Martha Rosete-Aguilar, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Jose Sasian, University of Arizona, United States
David Shafer, , United States
Vesselin Shaoulov, University of Central Florida, United States
Narkis Shatz, Science Applications International Corp, United States
Bryan Stone, Synopsys, Inc, United States
Wilhelm Ulrich, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany
Sergio Vazquez-Montiel, Inst Nat Astrofisica Optica Electronica , Mexico
Yongtian Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Rolf Wartmann, Carl Zeiss Microimaging,
David Williamson, Nikon Research Corporation of America, United States
Andrew Wood, Qioptiq Ltd, United Kingdom
Akira Yabe, , Germany
Garam Young, Synopsys, Inc, United States
Richard Youngworth, Riyo LLC, United States
Maria Yzuel, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain