Educational Posters

OSA Educational Posters

OSA Education Poster series explore topics related to optics and photonics. The posters are available in English, Spanish, French, German and Simplified Chinese. The posters were created thorough our partnership with the OSA Foundation (OSAF), and with the help of OSA's Member & Education Services Council, Young Professionals and Education Outreach Volunteers.

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2015 International Year of Light Poster Series

Printable Posters (PDF)
Microscopy Power of Light

2013 Poster Series

Printable Posters (PDF)
Solid State Lighting Imaging
Printable Complementary Guidebooks

Fun and Hands-On Optics Experiments!

  • Reflection Activities
  • Transmission, Absorption and Color
  • Properties of Laser Light: Monochromatic, Coherent, and Collimated
  • Applications of LASERS: Diffraction Labs and Activities