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Awards and Grants

Award, Honors & Grants FAQs

How can I help support an existing award or honor?

Please contact the Foundation staff to learn more about how you can make a donation to help support an OSA award or honor.

How do I become an OSA Fellow?

A nomination for OSA Fellowship must be submitted by a current OSA Fellow. Information and forms are available online. The deadline for nominations is June 15 of each year.

Where can I learn about OSA awards and honors?

Visit our web site to learn more about OSA awards and honors and past recipients. For information and assistance, please email or call +1 202.416.1960.

Where can I see a list of OSA Fellows?

Members of OSA recently elected as fellow are listed here (by year of election). The OSA Member Directory/Search Engine (located in the Members Only section of provides a listing of all members and Fellows.

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